Overweight and Obesity

Revolutionary Approach to Managing the Metabolic Syndrome


The Metabolic Syndrome, or ‚ÄúSyndrome-X‚ÄĚ, as it is often called is the combination of Obesity, Hypercholestroelimia, and Hypertension, they are all linked together by an underlying resistance to Insulin. This condition is often associated with excess insulin secretion.This syndrome was first described by Reaven in 1998. Unfortunately its principal component of obesity was not initially emphasized. So common and so pernicious are the negative health outcomes of the Metabolic Syndrome that it qualifies as the number one public problem that is facing several western societies.

Recently the House of Commons Committee has officially reported that obesity has reached serious levels amongst the population in the U.K.Statistically one in every five men and one in every four women are suffering from a clinical form of obesity. mso-bidi-font-size:10.0pt'>This staggering statistic is alarming not only for the abundant health risks faced by an overweight individual, but also for the enormous and often hidden costs of treating ailments and diseases caused or exacerbated by obesity. Additionally, new research indicates that a restricted caloric intake can lead to a longer life. But a calorie-rich diet isn't always the single cause of obesity, and the hunger pains associated with diets that severely limit the quantity of food eaten rarely make these plans successful.

One of the most underrated problems many overweight people face is the blow the excess weight is to their self-esteem. The overwhelming message our society reiterates to the overweight person is that he simply "lacks willpower," and if he would just "buckle down" he could face the challenge. But many chronically overweight adults have addressed the issue (often many times in their life) through a change of diet, exercising, or following one of the thousands of quick-fix diets and eating plans available to the average British consumer.Sometimes the struggle is too great and the success is limited to a few weeks. Or the individual loses all his weight, only to regain it (and maybe more) back later. The feeling of failure and shame this causes is traumatic, and people resign themselves to just being fat.

Many people find themselves temporarily overweight for a variety of reasons.Perhaps a new job leaves someone more sedentary than a previous position, a woman who has just given birth has put on extra weight during pregnancy, or an individual finds himself responsible for the first time in his life to cook his own food and he doesn't have the skills necessary to create healthy, balanced meals.These examples and many other temporary conditions are often overcome with proper training, a resumption in regular routines or a boost in activity level.However, many new clinical studies indicate that there are many overweight people who have a chronic disease called obesity.For these people, willpower and exercise alone are not enough.Their problem needs to be treated like any other medical problem - a bodily imbalance that can be corrected in order to assist the individual to maximize the potential for weight loss.

If the overweight individual approaches obesity as a medical condition, the shame and helplessness associated with endless dieting successes and failures can be eliminated. A sensible program can be developed with a primary care provider that includes healthy food choices, moderate exercise and supplementation to address the body's chemical imbalance.Living free of excess weight is enough to make a person feel great.But the long-term benefits of weight loss greatly reduce the risk of serious medical conditions including Insulin Resistance, Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease and certain forms of Cancer.And that makes a successful approach to weight loss even more important.

What can be done to treat obesity?

Many dietary programs, books, groups and drugs are available for those seeking to lose weight in the United Kingdom.These range from sensible, healthy plans developed with a primary care provider, to fad diets and "fat blocking" pills promoted in the latest tabloid magazine.Other supplements labeled as Thermogenics are sold as metabolic enhancers, aside from just increasing the internal body heat, they are primarily composed of herbal stimulants.This can only exacerbate the Obesity problem by possibly causing Heart failure or Stroke. Until now the only scientific answer to the problem is a combined program of reduced caloric intake increased daily activity including exercise and a change in long-term life style conditioning.

Since during the Evolutionary Origin of the Human Cellular Metabolism the “Citric Acid Cycle was and still is the Core of Biology.“Considerable attention has been paid to the development of specific molecules such as Coenzyme A that are able to reduce Insulin resistance.

Dr. Chris Newgard and colleagues from Duke University Medical Center published the latest research paper ‚ÄúNature Medicine‚ÄĚ on March 9th, 2004.Using Obese and Insulin resistant rats in their studies.The researchers conclusively demonstrated that significant health benefits could be achieved by the supplementation of the natural food sources of Coenzyme A (whole animal, muscle meats, hearts, and livers).

These benefits would not only be for prevention purposes but also for the treatment and reversal of some very serious disease conditions such as are being discussed in this paper.

This is accomplished by increasing the endogenous concentrations of Coenzyme-A and Acetyl Coenzyme A, into ones body. Which intern results in the ‚ÄúOver-expression‚ÄĚ, that acts as caloric partitioning mechanism thus directing fatty acids to be metabolically broken down, and recycled in the human cell for energy production and finally oxidized out of the body.

New Developments

Coenzyme-A Technologies, Inc., has applied its innovative proprietary Coenzyme A Modulator Matrix I TM to the creation of a nutraceutical product that contains a balanced combination of active nutritional components that support the body's natural management of fat. Coenzyme-ATM in conjunction with proper diet and exercise, may produce phenomenal results in fat loss, reversing Insulin Resistance and high blood Cholesterol, while maintaining energy levels and preventing hunger and weakness.

Who is Coenzyme-A Technologies Inc.?

Coenzyme-A Technologies Inc. is the world's first developer of effective Coenzyme-A and Acetyl Coenzyme-A products. Coenzyme-A Technologies, Inc. has applied new technology to the formulation and manufacture of a series of proprietary products which address nutritional deficiencies that result from the stress of modern day living, chemical imbalances within the body, and the effects of aging.

Coenzyme-ATM is the first nutraceutical product to combine nutritional components that can be used by the body to support its manufacture and utilization of Coenzyme-A (The Master Coenzyme) with a specific set of substrates that are designed to assist the body in metabolizing fat.

The benefits of Coenzyme-A TM include: