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Coenzyme-ATM (by Coenzyme-A Technologies, Inc.) One 1,000 mg hypoallergenic capsule taken three times a day approx. thirty minutes before meals on an empty stomach.

Coenzyme-A Technologies has exclusively applied the latest technology to manufacture a proprietary line of products with the nutritional intervention: "which address nutritional deficiencies that result from the stress of modern day living, chemical imbalances within the body, and the effects of aging. The fact is that Coenzyme-ATM is needed to metabolize the three major forms of energy from the foods that we eat : Fat, Carbohydrates, and Protein. Another well recognized fact is that one of the key problems for those who suffer from MS is the disability to properly metabolize fats, which is often the direct end result of poor nutrition, or malnutrition which is usually compounded by the cellular poisoning from a multitude of environmental toxins. These toxins which primarily target the metabolic agents that are found in our active Fat-metabolizing cofactors and enzymes primarily the Coenzyme-ATM , Acyl Carrier Proteins and Lipoate metabolic enzymes, are the more obvious targets for heavy metals and fat soluble environmental toxins, that are as simple for example as chlorinated drinking water and lipid epoxides, rancid fats. The outcome is that malnourished and /or poisoned individuals cannot convert dietary lipids from animals and plants into usable human fat composition. Coenzyme-ATM further supplies the specific nutrient/substrates for the synthesis of Acyl-Carrier Proteins which are required for the synthesis of specific fatty acids. These Fatty Acids are the key components of some very important Lipids. These Lipids are fat molecules that are essential for normal physiological functions in the human body. Also included are the Spingolipids which are the key components of the Myelin sheath that surrounds and protects our nerve fibers and enhances nerve transmissions, and Phospholipids that give integrity to the cellular membranes.

Coenzyme-ATM is the "ignition switch" to the whole process of energy production. Coenzyme-ATM is vital for:

  • Strengthening the Immune System through healthy blood cell development.
  • Synthesis of Ubiquinone (Co-Q10)
  • Key Neurotransmitter Production and activation
  • Fatty Acid Metabolism and regulation.
  • Proper Cellular Detoxification.
  • Circulation and Cardiovascular protection
  • Synthesis of Glycosaminoglycans for Healthy Cartilage and Connective Tissue.
  • Protection from Free Radical and Methylation degenerative aging process.
  • Recently published medical research (2004) at the University of North Texas, Cardiovascular Research Institute, Health and Science Division has shown that a chemically modified form of Pyruvate has been successfully applied in the medical treatment of such serious diseases as Diabetes, Obesity and Heart failure. A large body of independent national and International CVD research, which has been published by the American Heart Association, further supports the above findings. The reported medical results are as follows: The beneficial effects on the human body, including metabolic protection of the heart, the reduction of fatty tissue, while possibly increasing lean body mass, antioxidant protection, and the augmentation of insulin in better controlling the blood sugar levels.

    Coenzyme-A Technologies Inc. commercially introduced its nutraceutical Coenzyme-ATM product over five years ago. Coenzyme-ATM nutraceutical product embodies a complete endogenous synthesis of the Pyruvate Dehydrogenase complex, and the Acyl-Carrier Proteins complex that enables these complexes to penetrate the inner mitochondria membrane barrier and enter the cells to exert their antioxidant and energy metabolism benefits. The Alternative Medicine offered with Coenzyme-ATM has provided me added strength and stability while living under the chronic MS symptoms. Without it, my muscles ache more and weakness over-se es any project attempted with chronic fatigue. Till the FDA approves valued treatments, or a cure is engineered, I remain openly searching for neuralgic reprieve. Coenzyme-ATM distribution is being, "clinically implemented world wide," as a positive result Coenzyme ATM has been medically applied as a dietary supplement for not only Optimum Health and Anti Aging purposes but also for such very serious diseases as Diabetes, Obesity and Heart failure. It is very evident by the consumer reports and testimonials which clearly show the overwhelming benefits reported pertaining to all of the above conditions.

    Special Notice: The statements contained in this article have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA). The products discussed are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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