NOPAL Rx Anti-Inflammatory Serum


NOPAL Rx Anti-Inflammatory Serum Introduction

The word "SCIENCE" comes from the GREEK word meaning "to know". Yet it seems that the more we learn from nature, the more that it defines the boundaries of what we really do not know!

A relative new discovery has merged; these functional ingredients in nature react in a way that science previously did not know was possible. These functional super nutrients are called Betalains. Upon further research science discovered that the protein bound structure in Betalains is not only beneficial but it is vital for human life! There are twenty four Betalains that are found naturally occurring, and each and every one completes a specific need in human health by supplying structure and function to every human cell.

A human cell distressed by external toxins and or internal deficiencies will eventually wither and collapse and eventually die. This is clinically called Sarcopenia.

When toxins accumulate or trauma injures a cell, chronic inflammation is certain to appear as a natural response. Inflammation in the human body is a natural Immune system response to damaged tissue or to infection from a foreign invader. Today we know that Chronic Inflammation is at the root of the most feared diseases such as Chronic Joint Pain, Cardiovascular Disease, Blood sugar imbalances and Diabetes, Cancer, Alzheimer's disease and even most forms of Gum Disease.

The naturally occurring Betalains can be used to restore and strengthen the cellular wall. This leads to Rehydration and cellular homeostasis. Coenzyme ATM Catalyzed Betalains not only restore cellular health but they also work with the body to neutralize toxins by supporting and initiating your natural detoxification processes as well as draining away accumulations of toxic waste. The scientifically validated benefits to date are over 250-clinical papers that have been published on the benefits and attributes of NOPAL Cactus fruit concentrates in the highest quality, peer-reviewed scientific journals. These journals are also supported by the United States National Institutes Health Database.

Only our proprietary formula contains Coenzyme ATM The master enzyme and universal Catalyst. Concentrated Betalains (all 24) can only be found in the NOPA Cactus Fruit (Prickly Pear) of the Sonoran Desert. This is because the Sonoran Desert is the most extreme desert in the world and therefore the NOPAL plant needs all 24 Betalains in order to survive in this intense environment.

Our Super Concentrated Serum has been especially formulated that the BETALAINS absorb directly into the bloodstream through the mucus membrane under the tongue. This is a much faster and more direct pathway of administration than taken orally through the stomach as it has to survive the passage through the gastrointestinal tract, which risks degrading by the stomachs acids, bile and digestive enzymes.

In comparison to the most popular NOPALEA Super Fruit Wellness Drink. Our NOPAL Fruit Super Concentrate Serum 5.1 0z. (30-serving) Container is equivalent to Five 32 oz. NOPALEA juice containers at the MSRP of $199.95