Acne - A Chronic Skin Condition that Results in Physical and Emotional Scars


There is a four letter word in the English language that makes teenagers and adults alike react with an equal amount of dismay and disgust - acne. Teenagers are well aware of the disastrous affects that acne has on their skin as well as the impact it has on their social life and self-esteem. Few adults were fortunate enough to escape the ravages of acne, and many still hold the physical and emotional scars it took on them as young adults. But as spiteful as acne is, there is currently no cure or standard remedy for its treatment.

Scientifically speaking, we are discussing acne vulgaris - a condition created by dead skin cells, bacteria and excess oil production that create a plug that blocks a pore, causing the pore to distend and create a lesion. To avoid this problem, teens might be cautioned not to eat chocolate or fatty foods, wash the skin gently several times a day, not to touch their face with their hands, drink more water and get more rest. But even those who follow this regimen find only mild relief from the pustules and lesions of acne.

Until recently, little study had been done on the long-term psychological aspects of acne. For teenagers, appearance is critical to their developing self-esteem and fitting in with their peer group. Those who are affected the most find they are the butt of jokes and continual criticism. This can lead to a teenager avoiding social events or activities because of the shame felt by the condition of his or her skin, even though many others share the problem to a lesser degree. There has even been an increased documentation in teen suicides related to feelings of worthlessness and ostracization because of acne. To a certain extent, the severity of acne vulgaris can be the same in boys and girls, but girls have a slightly easier time with acne than boys do, primarily because they use makeup to conceal lesions.

Today, the percentage of adult women with acne problems is increasing. Many of these women may not have had acne as teenagers, and are surprised they have to deal with this problem as adults. Acne can have profound psychological and social effects on adults, just as it does in teenagers. The cause of these adult outbreaks may be attributed to some medications including birth control pills, hormonal changes, physical activities with perspiration, and greater levels of stress from juggling the responsibilities of career and family. When the body reacts to stress, many complex interactions of the adrenal glands and hormones put an increased demand on vital functions, rendering the body more prone to acne.

What can be done to treat acne?

Unfortunately, current medical treatments don't always produce dramatic or lasting results. The least harmful to the patient include topical treatments, psychological counseling and acne surgery performed by a physician, but scarring from acne lesions can require dermabrasion or collagen injections by a dermatologist to smooth the skin. In mild acne cases, a physician can prescribe antibiotics, but frequent use of antibiotics can lead to immunity to antibiotics, which can result in very serious health problems. Antibiotics can also kill the "good" bacteria in your body that is need to remain healthy. In severe acne cases, a physician can prescribe the drug Accutane, but it's extremely expensive and the side effects are very serious and can be hazardous to your health. In most cases, Accutane treatment is administered for five months, with no guarantee of continued remission after treatment ends.

Since the first skin outbreaks appear during puberty, new research suggests that a hormonal imbalance associated with the developing sex glands could be the problem. Coenzyme-A Technologies Inc., has applied its Clear Skin Image Nutrient Formula>TM to the creation of a unique and innovative skin care product. This nutraceutical formula contains a balanced combination of active nutritional components and was created specifically to address imbalances within the body in order to naturally support healthy skin.

The long-term benefits of a clear skin can help a teenager adjust to his or her growing body without fear of rejection or judgment about appearance and Adults can feel they are finally free of a condition that has caused them years of emotional and physical discomfort.

Who is Coenzyme-A Technologies Inc.?

Coenzyme-A Technologies Inc. is the world's first developer of effective Coenzyme-A and Acetyl Coenzyme-A products. Coenzyme-A Technologies has applied new technology to the formulation and manufacture of a series of proprietary products which address nutritional deficiencies that result from the stress of modern day living, chemical imbalances within the body, and the effects of aging.

Clear Skin ImageTM is the first scientifically formulated nutraceutical product that treats acne internally at the source of the problem, unlike topical treatments, which only address the symptoms of acne. Clear Skin ImageTM reduces the overproduction of sebaceous oil in the oil glands, which is the primary cause of acne. It achieves this by targeting chemical and hormonal imbalances within the body, the deficiency of fatty acid metabolism and the synthesis of adrenal and sex hormone production. Clear Skin ImageTM also helps strengthen the immune system to reduce the damaging effects of stress and diseases.

Clear Skin ImageTM reduces or eliminates the worst problem acne and unlike Accutane, Clear Skin ImageTM has been clinically proven to be safe and effective.

The active components of Clear Skin ImageTM are:

The benefits of Clear Skin ImageTM include:

  1. Deactivation of sebaceous glands through better fat metabolism.
  2. Reduced oil production in the oil glands.
  3. The rate of eruption (or breaking out) of new acne lesions slows, and then stops. Existing lesions will dry up and shrink until they disappear.
  4. Reduction in size of skin pores within the first two weeks of treatment, resulting in a much finer surface. Skin becomes more healthy, vibrant and beautiful.

Clear Skin ImageTM, Coenzyme ATM and the complete ImageTM line of nutraceutical products can be found at your better health food stores or visit Coenzyme-A Technologies' web site at for more information about its products.