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Clear Skin ImageTM

A Revolutionary Skin Treatment Formula
for the Support of Healthy Skin

Coenzyme-A PrecursorTM


180 capsule size Suggested Retail Price $69.99

Clear Skin ImageTM
The Natural Acne Solution
(Each capsule)

Clear Skin Image Proprietary Nutrient FormulaTM
Pantothenic Acid
(d-Calcium Pantothenate)-1,000 mg
Biotin-1 mg
Niacin-20 mg
Molybdenum (Amino Acid Chelate)-.02 mg


Suggested use: As a dietary supplement, for best results take 9 capsules a day (3 capsules, taken between meals 3 times a day with water). For severe forms of acne we suggest a "Clinical Dose" of 12 capsules a day (4 capsules, taken between meals 3 times a day with water). Otherwise, we suggest taking 1-6 capsules a day (with water, between meals) depending on your skin's condition and the results you desire.

Clear Skin Warning: You may experince a temporary warming of the skin or a mild to severe flushing of the skin effect. In very rare occasions abdominal pain may be experienced.
All of the above are part of the process of cleansing and detoxification by increasing blood flow to the skin surface, thus removing toxins and other metabolic waste products.

  • To understand the healing process, please read the article "The Principles of Natural Healing"

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    The benefits of Clear Skin ImageTM include:

    • Induces proper detoxification of harmful waste products, the primary cause of acne
    • Breaks down internal toxins.
    • Reduces or eliminates even the worst problem acne.
    • Clinically proven to be safe and effective.
    • Reduces the sebaceous oil glands by stabilizing overproduction of sebaceous oil.
    • Reduces the size of skin pores resulting in a much finer skin surface.
    • Nutritional support for healthy, vibrant and beautiful skin.
    • Treates acne internally at the source of the problem.
    The Candida/Aldehyde detox pathway and the Molybdenum Connection

    The New and Improved Clear Skin Image product. We have done the impossible! 1000 mg's of the purest Pantothenic Acid (less then 5% moisture content), along with additional ingredients. Molybdenum (amino acid chelate), Biotin and Niacin per one capsule dose. (NO DI-Calcium Phosphate). Molybdenum is a trace mineral not yet well known to the public. This is unfortunate since its presence in the system in sufficient quantity can make such a dramatic difference in the health of persons coping with Candida infection, multiple chemical sensitivity, or chemically induced migraine headache, as well as the adverse effects of alcohol and tobacco.
    Prevent the Damaging effects of Smoking,Alcohol Consumption, and Air Pollution
    The Biochemistry
    Molybdenum is required by the body to manufacture two important enzymes, Aldehydrogenase and Aldehyde-Oxidase, which allow the liver to neutralize a powerful and otherwise relatively inert toxin (neurotoxin), acetaldehyde. This toxin is a metabolic waste material produced by yeast organisms that accumulates in unhealthy intestinal environments, circulating blood, and other tissues and organs of persons with Candida Albicans infections. The number of people suffering with multiple, chemical, sensitivities is growing yearly. These people's inability to cope in a chemically contaminated environment can be nightmarish. The class of aromatic petroleum derived chemicals, which these persons are especially sensitive to are the aldehydes. The chief toxic metabolite of alcohol is also acetaldehyde. When the liver's ability to effectively cope with this poison is restored, the cumulative damage, which has resulted from its presence in our tissues, can begin to be healed. Many of our test subjects with the most severe cases of acne, and the above complaints, have experienced a marked improvement in their sense of well being. After using molybdenum as part of their regimen, for only a few weeks, together with their daily dose of our capsule form of Clear Skin Image. Our new Clear Skin Image labels reflect the newly added statement of "Proper Detoxification". This is a key point we have to make to our customers, not only for inflammatory skin conditions such as acne, but literally for everyone seeking proper detoxification of the blood through the liver. This is called "ACETYLATION" which can only be further initiated by our Coenzyme-A products.

    Acne is a condition created by dead skin cells, bacteria and excess oil production which creates a plug that blocks a pore, causing the pore to distend and create a lesion.Acne - A Chronic Skin Condition that Results in Physical and Emotional Scars

    The primary cause of acne outbreaks can be attributed to hormonal changes, over activity of the oil glands, birth control pills, candidiasis,Candida,Candidiasis,Yeast Infections menopause, physical and mental stress, Modern Medical Interpretation of Stress

    Unfortunately, current medical treatments don't always produce satisfactory or lasting results. In mild acne cases, a physician can prescribe antibiotics, but frequent use of antibiotics can lead to immunity to antibiotics, which can result in very serious health problems. Antibiotics can also kill the "good" bacteria in your body that is need to remain healthy. In severe acne cases, a physician can prescribe the drug Accutane, but it's extremely expensive and the side effects are very serious and can be hazardous to your health. In most cases, Accutane treatment is administered for five months, with no guarantee of continued remission after treatment ends.

    Coenzyme-A Technologies Inc. has applied new technology to the creation of Clear Skin ImageTM a unique and innovative skin care product. It's the first scientifically formulated nutraceutical product that treats acne internally at the source of the problem, unlike topical treatments, which only address the symptoms of acne.

    Clear Skin ImageTM reduces the overproduction of sebaceous oil in the oil glands. Pantothenic Acid in the Treatment of Acne Vulgaris - "A Medical Hypothesis" It achieves this by targeting imbalances within the body and the deficiency of fatty acid metabolism and the synthesis of adrenal and sex hormone production. Clear Skin ImageTM also helps strengthen the immune system to reduce the damaging effects of stress and diseases.

    Clear Skin ImageTM reduces or eliminates the worst problem acne and unlike Accutane, Clear Skin ImageTM has been clinically proven to be safe and effective.

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