Wake Your Body and Mind With... The Coenzyme A "Body Energizer Drink"

"The symbol H+ is the code sign used by some futurists to denote an enhanced version of humanity... The notion of enhancing mental functions by gulping down a pill that improves attention, memory and planning-the very foundations of cognition-is no longer just a fantasy shared by futurists. The 1990s, proclaimed the decade of the brain by President George H. W. Bush, has been followed by what might be labeled "the decade of the better brain."" This was the phrase used in the October 2009 edition of Scientific American when discussing Nootropics.

The Coenzyme A Body Energizer Drink is a whole body mind and mood enhancing energy drink that is not addictive, does not affect sleep patterns and has no adverse side effects. What makes it so unique is that it works only when bodily stimulation is required the rest is all cognitive enhancement. That means none of the "highs and lows" associated with other energy drinks based on sugar and stimulants such as caffeine and amphetamines.

The Coenzyme A Body Energizer Drink is in a class of it's own consisting in a combination of cognitive enhancers, cellular energy promoting nutrients and immune system boosters and detoxifying, health promoting agents. It works immediately upon consumption by changing the amounts of certain natural substances in the area of the brain that controls mood enhancement and wakefulness and vigor.

The Coenzyme A Body Energizer Drink not only enhances alertness and vigilance, it is also beneficial in improving memory and concentration. It will not affect your normal sleep patterns, nor will it bring about the anxiety or agitation associated with more familiar stimulant type energy drinks that are available today.

The Coenzyme A Body Energizer Drink can be widely used to suppress the need for daytime sleep and in combating general fatigue. The Coenzyme A proprietary ingredients are popular with people suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and depression, since it reduces tiredness and boosts mood. As clinically tested the individual Nootropic nutrients as found in our proprietary formula are presently being used in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, Age-related memory decline and Dementia, Attention-deficit disorder, Myotonic dystrophy, Multiple sclerosis-induced fatigue, Post-sleeping pill grogginess, Cognitive impairment as found in alcohol abuse and for the prevention and treatment of jet-lag.