The Complete Book of Enzyme Therapy

By Dr. Anthony Cichoke
A Complete & Up-To-Date Reference to Effective Remedies Using Enzymes, Vitamins, and Minerals

How important are enzymes, anyway? Important enough to sustain all life on Earth according to the world s health experts. In the past decade, science has discovered much about how enzymes can improve our health and help us overcome various disorders Enzyme products have been readily available in Europe but not North America, where the medical profession has remained ignorant of their roles and value. In addition, our bodies have been systematically enzyme-depleted by an "overprocessed" national diet and a growing amount of enzyme-inhibiting chemicals found in our food supply and environment:However if we were to initiate an enzyme-rich diet and augment that diet with enzyme supplements then enzymes could strike back aginst disease and reclaim their roles in our lives as essential healers. In The Complete Book of Enzyme Therapy, Dr. Anthony Cichoke draws upon his twenty-five years of intense study and work with enzymes to help us understand and utilize the various benefits of this best kept secret in health.

The Complete Book of Enzyme Therapy is divided into three pans Pan One introduces us to enzymes-what they are, what they do, and how they have been depleted from our foods and our bodies. It also outlines the steps to maximizing enzymes in your diet and introduces Dr. Cichoke-(Enzyme Absolution System Enhancers) method of healing. In Part Two, Dr. Cichoke offers several enzyme therapy programs to treat over 150 disorders, from acne to yeast infections. Part Three presents other comPlementary therapies that can be incorporated into your treatment programs, such as Dr. Cichoke's Five-Step Jump-Start Enzyme Program. There are dozens of helpful charts and graphs including a troubleshooting chart for health disorders, a fifty-question Personal Stress Scale, and even recipes for making your own healthy yogurts at home.

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Book Review

This is the second volume published by Dr. Cichoke dealing with enzyme therapy. But in this volume he discusses the use of these enzymes in the treatment of chronic diseases. These chronic diseases have become the major problem facing modern medicine. Our track record in dealing with these conditions has been very poor, even though each year more and more powerful drugs are released designed to try and help. Not only are these drugs relatively ineffective, they also carry a heavy burden of toxic reactions. Enzymes, if they are as good as the drugs, are therefore very much better because they are free of side effects. The chronic conditions described as responsive to enzyme therapy are immune complex disorders which include virus diseases, the arthritides, multiple sclerosis, aging, and cancer. The author refers to studies which show that almost all patients with shingles respond well and quickly to enzyme therapy used as a salve, taken internally, or injected. There are 116 references, thus giving the reader a chance to become familiar with this imposing literature. These two books make a fine set.