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A Revolutionary Skin Treatment Formula
for the Support of Healthy Skin 2 oz Dropper Bottle


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SKIN MATRIX ESSENCETM "Serum" is the most innovative skin rejuvinating serum in the industry today. Its uniqueness is derived from the functional properties of its own individual ingredients, in which upon blending, undergo certain chemical bonding reactions, thus creating a new molecular structure.


Active Ingredients Quadruple Strength C-MATRIXTM, L-Ascorbic acid (non transitional),
GLYCO-MATRIXTM :Consisting of Monosaccharides, Disaccharides, Polysaccharides and Polyols (non reducing sugars), SYNYRGIZED CAMU CAMUTM, Vitamin C (from organic whole food sources)
All of Natural Food Origin
All FDA approved under: GRASS STATUS
Aldose Sugars, Monosaccharides, Pentoses (5-Carbon, non reducing)
Disaccharides, and Polyols
Nicotinic Acid
A.G. Arabino Galactin
AMINO COAT (Natural Metabolic Intermediate)
Russian Bioflavonoids, and Anthocyanins extracts (from naturally accruing biological sources)
Blueberry Leaf Extract (20%)
Green Tea Extract (95%)
Parilla Seed Extract
Centella Asiatica Extract (20%)
Sodium Glycerophosphate
CERAMIDE P-C (Phyto-origin)
Bis (maltolato) oxovanadium (IV) (BMVO)
Orthosilicic Acid (monomaric single-chain silicic acid)
Other Ingredients Organic Jojoba Oil (100% pure vegetable cold-pressed oil), Distilled Water.


Suggested use:
Apply SKIN MATRIXTM Spray on two to three times a day following the proper cleansing of your skin. Then apply the SKIN MATRIX ESSENCETM"Serum" with clean fingertips to the most problematic areas as desired.
This eliminates all other steps and time consuming programs by efficiently replacing exfoliating agents, correction treatments, and toners.

Skin Matrix EssenceTM is a newly developed proprietary formula for the treatment of aging or environmentally damaged human skin. Upon application, its natural ingredients rejuvenate the texture, and beautify the appearance of such skin. It easy to use; and continued use will better preserve the health and beauty of treated skin through the advancing years.

Recently published scientific studies (that employed a well established in vitro model of the cellular aging process) report on the effectiveness of using certain natural ingredients (the Components). When in skin applications such Components have prevented either completely, or partially, a variety of the aging related changes in both the appearance and function of human skin cells.

These Components are incorporated in the Skin Matrix Essence'sTM proprietary formula (the Formula). Each of these Components is a natural ingredient with its own functional properties, which all have been well clinically documented. These components do extend the cell normal cellular life span, while further enhancing the ability of these cells to normally divide, and multiply.

Based upon the selection of Components employed and the supporting scientific publications we believe that Skin Matrix Essence to be free of all harmful materials. We have scrupulously avoided the use of a variety of synthetic chemical agents, and preservatives that have been well incorporated in most of the skin-care products that claim to revitalize aging skin, found in todays market. The combination of effectiveness in maintaining normal cell function, appearance and safety for topical use could make Skin Matrix EssenceTM the lifetime formula of choice for rebuilding and preserving healthy and attractive skin.

Skin Matrix EssenceTM includes a combination of highly potent energy promoting and rejuvenating growth factors. There are a variety of natural plant derived extracts, and mechanisms provided as natural antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, anti-microbial agents, anti-fungal agents, and lipid-peroxidation inhibitory protective properties. Also, there is stabilized Orthrosilicic-acid, Aldose, Pentose sugars, Monosaccharides, Disaccharide’s, Polysaccharides. In addition, a very unique substance that promotes cellular regeneration, a €śPolysulfated Glycosaminogly can not only promotes energy but also enhances healthy cell division and ensures orderly growth, and development of future healthy skin cells. Also included are the most effective, naturally occurring, and biologically active cellular activating components: the GLYCO-MATRIXTM with Nucleic acids, and DNA precursors.

Certain growth factors are associated with the Extra Cellular Matrix, which plays a central role in the control of cell proliferation, differentiation and migration by mediating cell adhesion and communication. The major components of the Extra Cellular Matrix include a variety of cell adhesion proteins, fibronectin, vitronectin, thrombosponding and laminin. Also included are the structural components: Collagen, Elastin and the Proteoglycans, including Serglycin, Proteoglycans 1 and 2, Versican, Decotin, and possibly the other GAG associated proteins that have not as yet been identified.

The Extra Cellular Matrix is present to some degree in all living tissues, even blood, where plasma might be considered the matrix, but is a functional determinant in connective tissues. The biologically active properties in Skin Matrix EssenceTM have been shown to prevent the senescence (aging), while actually protecting and preserving cellular membranes from a variety of destructive mechanisms. Such destructive mechanisms being: non-enzymatic glycosylation and lipid peroxidation, extreme environmental conditions including total dehydration, cellular DNA scission, TPA induced inflammation, solar and ionizing (as in gamma-pyrone derivative) irradiation.

More importantly,Skin Matrix EssenceTM has been shown capable of delaying or preventing a host of age and environmentally related changes of human skin fibroblasts grown in laboratory culture. Fibroblasts are believed to be at the center of age related changes in the skin. These cells produce collagen and elastin; the two proteins most clearly tied to the development of wrinkles, sagging and laxity of the skin. Fibroblasts have been shown to decrease in number and vitality as the skin ages not only in vitro, but also in vivo. The number of fibroblasts decreases by at least 50% between birth and the age of 80 years. The older fibroblasts appear shrunken and narrow with diminished cytoplasms. Skin Matrix EssenceTMEffect's on cytological manifestations in vitro aging properties.
CharacteristicUntreated Skin Matrix EssenceTM
Cell EnlargementNoneSignificantNoneInsignificant
Multinucleate Cells NonePresentNoneNone
Cellular Debris MinimalSignificantMinimalMinimal
LipofuscinLowHigh LowLow
Actin Filaments DiffuseHighly Polymerized DiffuseLess Polymerized

When propagated in the laboratory, normal human skin cells divide a predictable number of times and then die. Initially, these cells proliferate rapidly, then division rates slow. Finally the cells cease replicating. Cells in late passage are considered €śold cells and have been frequently used in comparative studies with young or early passage cells. A variety of alterations in cell morphology and other cell characteristics occur as the cells progress from young, vigorous cells to old, drying ones. As has been previously shown in pioneering skin-aging studies, Hayflick has proposed that the reduction in the potential of human cultured fibroblasts to divide is a manifestation of the aging process at the cellular level.

In recently published studies the active proprietary ingredients in Skin Matrix EssenceTM substantially delayed or prevented a range of cellular changes associated with in vitro aging of human skin cells, including alterations in cellular membrane. Refer to Table 1 for information regarding morphology, growth rate, size, cytoskeletal organization, macromolecular synthetic activity and accumulation of liposfuscin aging pigments. One of the hallmarks of aging tissues is the accumulation of a variety of lipid-derived pigments called lipofuscins, the so-called €śwear-and-tear€ť pigment. Lipofuscin interferes with normal cellular functions, perhaps it even promotes cell death in age associated pathologies. Old cells treated with the active proprietary ingredients in Skin Matrix EssenceTM appeared to be similar under the microscope to young cells; whereas, untreated old cells displayed marked morphological changes typical of cellular senescence.

Unlike a variety of previously tested agents that can alter certain features of cellular aging in vitro, the active proprietary ingredients in Skin Matrix EssenceTM did not in these studies alter the maximum in vitro life span of human skin cells or their ability to multiply in culture. Thus the active proprietary ingredients in Skin-Matrix Essence were devoid of such activities associated with cellular immortalization, mutations, malignant transformation and finally carcinogenesis. This initial in vitro scientific data suggests that Skin Matrix EssenceTM biologically possess a combination of effectiveness and safety in treating aging skin unmatched by any other revitalizing skin treatments, moisturizers or other skin care programs:

A class of products that won’t cure (or prevent) wrinkles are the moisturizing creams and lotions. The beneficial effect of such cosmetics lasts no longer than several hours beyond their application and removal. Moisturizers improve the skin’s appearance by hydrating (temporarily restoring and maintaining water) in the surface of the skin. Unfortunately in the Stratum Corneum barrier, moisturizers have no effect at all in restoring hydration. Further, damage can be caused to the epidermis; some cosmetics contain agents that cause low grade inflammation and give the appearance of decreasing wrinkles through sub clinical swelling. Moisturizers generally are composed of water, oil and humectants. Humectants help the skin retain moisture, thereby making it more pliable and soft. Common humectants include glycerin, propylene glycol, pyrrolidone malic acid, sodium lactate, urea and certain natural lipid mixtures. More exotic humectants include certain proteins, gelatin, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and some natural ingredients. In general humectants, act by penetrating into the stratum corneum and increasing the amount of moisture that is held in close association with the layer.

Dry skin is characterized by the lack of moisture in the Stratum Corneum. Moisture originates in the lower skin and moves up through the Stratum Corneum, where it hydrates the cells and then evaporates into the atmosphere. The moisture content in the Stratum Corneum itself is dependent both on naturally occurring lipids and on intracellular water-soluble substances called natural moisturizing factors. In aging skin, natural moisturizing factors are only present in low amounts, and the water-binding capacity is reduced to about 75% of normal. Moreover, the sebaceous glands produce fewer lipids to replenish the natural supply and wrinkles compound the problem by creating more surface area from which water can evaporate.

Published clinical documentation clearly shows that a certain proprietary ingredient in the Skin Matrix EssenceTM has the ability to dramatically increase cellular hydration. It also acts as a stabilizer of cellular structures under extreme environmental conditions, while further protecting biological membranes, proteins and enzymes under conditions of elevated temperatures, and even total dehydration and or freezing temperatures.

While humectants temporally increase the Hydration State of the Stratum Corneum, they can actually eventually increase the skin’s water loss by attracting water to the skin surface. This can lead to a perception of skin tightness or dryness. Therefore, moisturizers also contain a class of substances, called occlusives, which coat the skin with an oil substance. Occlusives include substances like petrolatum, lanolin alcohols, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, paraffin, cholesterol, heavy lipid mixtures, olive oil and heavy mineral oil. Moisturizers also contain emollients and lubricants that provide skin care products with the appropriate tactile feel and rub-in properties. These lotions smooth the roughened surface of the Stratum Corneum by filling the spaces between dry skin cells with oil droplets. Emollients can include a host of ingredients from silicone oils to cetyl alcohols, cholesterol, mineral oil, silicone oils, vitamin E, some waxy esters and certain quaternary compounds.

Finally collagen and elastin have been added to a number of skin lotions, and it has been implied that they replace the old, worn out collagen or elastin in the skin, thus eliminating wrinkles. However, these extracts of protein are much too large to penetrate the Stratum Corneum. They merely dry to a protein film that fills in the irregularities of the skin surface and makes it appear smoother. Protein films shrink slightly upon drying, thereby stretching out some of the fine wrinkles and surface irregularities for a short time. But this is purely a temporary, cosmetic change. Further Liposomes which have been marketed by the cosmetics industry since the-mid 1980’s, have no permanent effect on the skin.

Liposomes do not thoroughly cross through the Stratum Corneum barrier, as it has been well demonstrated by confocal laser scanning microscopy (an advanced technique for evaluating the skin permeability barrier and the assessment of metabolic activity). Liposomes merely coat the skin surface, causing humectant agents to remain on the skin longer, thus giving a false sense of improvement.

In closing, Skin Matrix EssenceTM is the first and only organically active serum with all the biological functions that one should ever require in their pursuit for a natural skin renewal system, (while actually reinstating the skin's "HOMEOSTASIS" immune system) to regenerate and preserve healthy and attractive skin at any age.

These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA).
The products discussed are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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