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A Revolutionary Skin Treatment Formula
for the Support of Healthy Skin

 Skin Matrix BOTTLE

The product comes in a 2oz spay bottle, and 6oz, 8oz, 32oz containers. A 2oz spray bottle is provided with each purchase.

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SKIN MATRIX REPAIRTM is the most innovative skin rejuvenating product in the industry today. Its uniqueness is derived from the functional properties of its own individual ingredients, in which upon blending, undergo certain chemical bonding reactions, thus creating a new molecular structure.

SKIN MATRIX REPAIR TM Active ingredients:

C-MATRIXTM, L-Ascorbic acid (non transitional), GLYCO-MATRIXTM Consisting of Monosaccharides, Disaccharides, Ionic Polysaccharides, Polysulfated Glycosaminoglycans and Polyols (all non reducing sugars),
XYLAN Pentose Monosaccarides
ARABINOGALACTAN (Siberian Larch tree)

All of Natural Food Origin
All FDA approved under: GRASS STATUS

Ascorbic Acid
Nicotinic Acid
AMINO COATTM (TMG. a Natural Metabolic Intermediate, and Methyl donor)
Citrus Paradisi (standardized extract)
SYNYRGIZED CAMU- CAMUTM, Vitamin C from organic whole food sources
Rutin (97.53% Standardized Extract)
Taxifolin-DIHYDROQUERCETIN (97.5% Standardized Extact, -Vitamin P)
Blueberry Leaf Extract (20% S.-E.)
Green Tea Extract (95% S.-E.)
Coleus Forskohlii Extract (10% S.-E.)
Parilla Seed Extract (20% S.-E.)
Centella Asiatica Extract (20%S.-E.)
Sodium Glycerophosphate
CERAMIDE P-C (Phyto-origin),
Other Ingredients, Distilled Water, Vegetable Glycerine

Shake well before using.
For best results REFRIGERATE, or store in a cool environment.


Suggested use:
Spray it on two to three times a day following the proper cleansing of your skin.
This eliminates all other steps and time consuming programs by efficiently replacing exfoliating agents, correction treatments, and toners.

Please Note:You may experience a temporary warming of the skin, or a flushing effect.

Introduction and progress report confirming the effectiveness of the SKIN MATRIX products

Introduction and progress report confirming the effectiveness of the SKIN MATRIX products.


We cannot make medical claims.  However, we can tell you that we been testing products and thought you be interested in the anecdotal reports from people who have been using the Skin Matrix products.  To keep it simple we have not incorporated the ESSENCE serum into this discussion. Recently our testers have reported encouraging results from using just the SKIN-MATRIX cleanser and spray alone.  


I have extensively researched the skin care products available on the market (both over the counter and also including the professional lines). I have come to the educated conclusion that the SKIN MATRIX products represent the most innovative development in cosmeceutical products in the industry. Their uniqueness is derived from their simplicity and the pureness of the ingredients, and from the functional properties of the individual ingredients.  Blending in a specific manner results in chemical bonding reactions, creating the synergism of a new molecular structure which is of greater effect than any of the individual components alone.


The simple Skin Matrix program will totally replace and eliminate all other steps and expensive, time-consuming programs offered by the other skin care companys.   The Skin Matrix program replaces the myriad of exfoliating agents, correction treatments, toners, skin rejuvenating serums, moisturizing, and re-hydrating agents.  All of them become obsolete!  The Skin Matrix program is the most biologically natural and cost-effective skin treatment method of achieving all of the benefits promised by a basketful of other skin care regimes, and more.


Skin Matrix products are 99% water soluble.  They will fully absorb into the skin via the mechanism of Active Transport T.M. system, (another exclusive technological breakthrough).  The Skin Matrix spray and ESSENCE serum are absorbed in the dermis within approximately two to three minutes.  I personally use these products in very heavy applications and even so, absorption is complete.  Mainstream dermatological experts will tell you that the human skin will not permit a water soluble substance to fully penetrate its semi- permeable barrier!  Skin Matrix products prove the exception to this rule. 



FAQ: Below is the most frequently asked question about the Skin Matrix program, and the answer, with the simple instructions for proper use.


Question: Why does my face get red hot and irritated when I use the Skin Matrix spray?

Answer: Some of you might experience mild reddening and irritated skin when first using our skin products, and there is a very logical explanation for that reaction. Skin Matrix spray was designed to prevent and repair the homeostatic mechanisms of human epidermal cells. Our personalized, non-invasive skin care protocol begins with the Skin Matrix foaming cleanser, at the recommended use of two times daily.  For best results, leave on for two to three minutes before thoroughly rinsing with warm water.  It will deeply cleanse and exfoliate your skin, and in conjunction with the Skin Matrix spray, it will help diminish fine lines, skin discolorations and light blemishes literally after first use.  It will help stimulate cellular turnover, and is pH. balanced at 4.9  (the same pH as the healthy human skin's acid mantle barrier)  It will not disturb the skin's natural biological protective acid mantle barrier properties.


The Skin Matrix products essentially protect the skin's cellular DNA from nuclear fragmentation, which is caused by exposure to environmental elements and cytotoxic agents that accelerate the skin's aging process. A consequence of UV radiation (and I should know, considering all the self-induced sun damage I've caused myself from a lifetime of sun worship!) and metabolism in general is the formation of reactive carbonyl (carbonylation of proteins) that ultimately lead to aging.


A major focus of Skin Matrix technology is on the inherent ability of human skin cells to repair damage to their DNA.  Published pre-clinical research has shown that repair of DNA damage requires the active form of the vitamin Niacin, Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD.)  This research demonstrates that a large portion of our population does not have optimal levels of NAD in their skin cells.  DNA repair can be optimized by the elevation of skin cell NAD content.  Since NAD is also very important for energy metabolism, optimizing NAD content enhances energy metabolism in human skin cells.  Our technology is based on the creation of bioactive ingredients that can be effectively delivered (Active Transport System T.M. ) to the skin cells.  The vitamin precursor ingredients used by other nutraceutical/cosmeceutical companies cannot enter the skin cells due to structural constraints and will not be effectively be retained in skin following topical application.


The irritation effect that you might experience at first with Skin Matrix is basically the flushing effect of the Niacin as it penetrates deep into the dermis and eventually enters the blood stream. This effect will dissipate upon regular use of the product.


Skin Matrix is also a potent radio-protective agent against all forms of irradiation (solar, microwave, electrical currents, such as computers, and especially ionizing radiation), which otherwise becomes trapped and stored in the epidermal protective layer of the human skin.  This action also can contribute to the flushing effect that most of us experience when first using Skin Matrix.  Hemo vaso-dilation and the increase in circulatory action, coupled with the enhanced detoxification all contribute to the flushing effect.  The flushing will eventually decrease as the skin normalizes it's homeostasis.  The Skin Matrix products will encourage and assist your skin to return to balance.


The benefits of SKIN MATRIX TM include:

• Helps Prevent the formation of wrinkles and sagging skin.
• Protects against oxidation mechanicsms.
• Diminishes the appearance of wrinkles while inhibiting the formation of new ones.
• Essential for DNA protection against skin degeneration.
• Protects the skin cells from extreme environmental conditions and dehydration.
• Restores tissue by increasing cellular turnover.
• Reduces allergic type inflammation.
• Repairs damaged capillaries that are dilated.
• Maintains a natural balance of the skin's immume system.
• Provides all the antioxidant protection derived from plant protective mechanisms.
• Protects and repairs the skin from solar radiation.
• P.H. balanced to the natural P.H. of human skin.


COENZYME-A TECHNOLOGIES INC. introduces a series of proprietary Cosmeceutical products that were developed according to the most recent anti aging research. These products not only address nutritional deficiencies and environmental stress from pollution (biologically persistent ubiquitous toxins), but also the Non Enzymatic Glycosylation or Maillard Reaction. This is the spontaneous chemical reaction that begins when sugar glucose attaches to skin collagen and eventually ends in the irreversible cross- linking of collagen molecules. Extensive non- enzymatic cross-linking makes collagen less susceptible to the remodeling mechanisms that correct the cross- linking process. The cross -linking of collagen reduces skin elasticity, which is visually seen as skin wrinkles. It also contributes to other visual signs of skins aging such as yellowing of the skin and age spots. Anti aging skin care products that use antioxidants and vitamins to scavenge free -radicals only act indirectly to inhibit skin aging. Antioxidants and vitamins do nothing to inhibit the underlying cause of skin aging, which is the cross-linking of collagen molecules. Free-radicals do exacerbate the aging of skin. But, even if every free-radical were scavenged by antioxidants or vitamins, collagen cross- linking that forms wrinkles would continue unabated.

SKIN MATRIX "Aging Inhibitor"


  • Diminishing the appearance of wrinkles while inhibiting the formation of new ones, thus breaking the vicious cycle of collagen cross-linking that accelerates skin aging. This is done by preventing the formation of AGEs by inhibiting the onset of Non Enzymatic Glycosylation while maintaining control of Glycolysis. This Acts as stabilizer of cellular structures under extreme environmental conditions, while protecting biological membranes, and enzymes under conditions of dehydration, elevated temperatures oxidation and lipid peroxidation.
  • Protection against the transitional metal ions (copper and iron found in vitamin C - serums) that result in the formation of insoluble collagen aggregates. This reaction is then mediated by hydrogen peroxide which than generates hydroxyl radicals scientifically known as the Fenton reaction. Hydroxyl radical attack is known to lead to cross-linking, which is further enhanced by glycated proteins resulting in alteration of collagen properties and accelerated aging of the skin.
  • Essential for D N A protection against degradation and protein scission activities in the presence of Ascorbic acid, when combined with the ions of copper or iron. These are the two most common transitional metals that exhibit these destructive activities. Amongst the various reducing agents that lead to collagen cross- linking Ascorbate was the most effective in causing protein cleavage and D N A scission in its reduced or oxidized state.

  • Inhibits the negative effects of Ascorbic Acid induced free radical formation and ascorbate induced (apoptoticcell death) characterized by cell shrinkage, nuclear fragmentation and internucleosomal D N A cleavage in human cells accelerating the skin's aging process.

  • Allows antioxidants and specific growth factors (involved in fiberoblast growth and the production of connective tissue) to penetrate through the stratum corneum barier and into the living layer in the epidermis. While providing (sacrificial targets for cross-linking reactions) these are important because they take the heat from free radicals, allowing protein molecules to continue to function.

  • Promotes and aids in the enhanced regulation of (Sir2p) which have been scientifically discovered to inhibit the aging process by the mechanism of the (silencing of the genes). The specific genes that are implicated in this deadly process one being the ring shaped "destroyer" D N A fragments that, in the aging process proliferate inside cells, to the point of cell strangulation and cell death. These fragments are called: (EXTRACHROMOSOMAL r D N A CIRCLES, or ERCs). By joining forces with the (Sir2p)"silent information regulator" it protects skin cells from APOPTOSIS, a kind of programmed cell death (cellular suicide) that can be induced by cytotoxic substances such as bile salts and other environmental ubiquitous toxic effects of pollution.

  • Essential for full acquisition of thermotolerance in aging skin, and aids in accelerating hydrophobic attraction and molecular binding which is a very important part of the skins protective mechanism in preventing glycation and structural modification of proteins.
  • Preventing the effects of non-enzymatic glycosylation in structural and connective tissues in the stratum corneum. Glucose binding to keratin and proteins of the insoluble stratum corneum which serve as a Stable parameter in the development of dermatological complications related to the browning discoloration and pigmentation of the aging skin.

  • The restoration of tissue integrity by increasing the granulation of tissues resulting in the increased synthesis of the connective tissue matrix. Collagen is the major protein of the extra cellular matrix, and is the component that ultimately contributes to wound healing strength and recovery.

  • Essential in preserving and improving significantly higher stimulation of (C -Peptide secretion) beta cell function protecting them from end- stage destruction.

  • These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA).
    The products discussed are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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