SKIN MATRIXTMAgeing Inhibitor



SKIN MATRIXTM is the most innovative skin rejuvenating product in the industry today. Its uniqueness is derived from the functional properties of its own individual ingredients, in which upon blending, undergo certain chemical bonding reactions, thus creating a new molecular structure.

The benefits of SKIN MATRIX TM include:

COENZYME-A TECHNOLOGIES INC. introduces a series of proprietary Cosmeceutical products that were developed according to the most recent anti aging research. These products not only address nutritional deficiencies and environmental stress from pollution (biologically persistent ubiquitous toxins), but also the Non Enzymatic Glycosylation or Maillard Reaction. This is the spontaneous chemical reaction that begins when sugar glucose attaches to skin collagen and eventually ends in the irreversible cross- linking of collagen molecules. Extensive non- enzymatic cross-linking makes collagen less susceptible to the remodeling mechanisms that correct the cross- linking process. The cross -linking of collagen reduces skin elasticity, which is visually seen as skin wrinkles. It also contributes to other visual signs of skins aging such as yellowing of the skin and age spots. Anti aging skin care products that use antioxidants and vitamins to scavenge free -radicals only act indirectly to inhibit skin aging. Antioxidants and vitamins do nothing to inhibit the underlying cause of skin aging, which is the cross-linking of collagen molecules. Free-radicals do exacerbate the aging of skin. But, even if every free-radical were scavenged by antioxidants or vitamins, collagen cross- linking that forms wrinkles would continue unabated.

The following information consisting of the answer, to the most frequently asked question regarding the SKIN MATRIXTM products.

Why does my face get red hot, and irritated when I use the SKIN MATRIXTM spray? Answer: Regarding the irritation that some of you might experience when first using our skin products, we feel that we have a very logical, (or biological) explanation for that reaction. Aside from the anti-ageing, and rejuvenating skin properties that the SKIN MATRIXTM displays it was also designed to prevent and repair the Homeostatic mechanisms of the human epidermal cells Using our own personal non invasive skin care protocol, let's begin with the SKIN MATRIXTM foaming Cleanser, as the recommended usage two times daily (for best results leave on for two to three minutes before thoroughly rinsing.) It will not only properly deep cleanse, and exfoliate your skin, but in conjunction with the SKIN MATRIXTM spray, it will further diminish fine lines, skin discoloration's, and light blemishes literally upon its first usage. And yet another very important factor is that it will further stimulate cellular turnover, while further being that it is also pH. balanced at 4.9 (that of healthy human skin's, Acid Mantle Barrier) it will not disturb the users skin natural biological protective Acid Mantle Barrier properties. Other benefit's of using the SKIN MATRIXTM product's, is to essentially protect the skin's cellular DNA. from nuclear fragmentation which results not only from the exposure to the environmental elements, and cytotoxic agents that will further accelerate the skins aging process. Coincidentally as it is very well know amongst the scientific community, one of the consequences of DNA. damage repair is Polly (ADP-Ribose) Polymerase enzyme (PARP)- catalyzed destruction of the active form of Niacin, NAD and the generation of free ADP-Ribose in chromatin. And yet another consequence of UV radiation (and I should really know, considering all the self induced sun damage that I have caused myself all my life from being a sun worshiper!) and metabolism in general is the formation of reactive carbonyl species(carbonylation of proteins) that ultimately leads to the formation of AGE. A major focus of SKIN MATRXTM technology is on the inherent ability of human skin cells to repair damage to their DNA. Published pre-clinical research has shown that repair of DNA. damage requires the active form of the vitamin Niacin, Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD.) This research further shows that a large portion of our population does not have optimal levels of NAD. in their skin's cells. Therefore we can conclude that DNA. repair can be optimized by the elevation of skin cell NAD. content. Since NAD. is also very important for energy metabolism, by optimizing NAD content, it also enhances the energy metabolism in human skin cells. Our technology is based on the creation of bioactive ingredients that can be effectively delivered (Active Transport SystemTM )to the skin cells, unlike the vitamin precursor ingredients used by other nutraceutical, / cosmeceutical companies that can not enter the skin cells due to structural constraints, and limitations and will not be effectively be retained in skin following topical application. The irritation effect that you might experience at first is basically the flushing effect of the Niacin as it penetrates deep into the dermis and eventually enters the blood stream. This effect will dissipate upon continuous usage of the product. Given the active biological composition of the SKIN MATRIXTM, it will further act as a potent radio-protective agent against all forms of irradiation (solar, microwave, electrical currents, such as computers, and especially ionizing radiation), which inturn is trapped and ubiquitous stored in the epidermal protective layer of the human skin. Thus we have yet another logical, (or biological) explanation of the possible irritating, or flushing effect that most of us experience when first using the SKIN MATRIXTM which is not only the Hemo vaso-dilation, and circulatory effect's, but also the detoxification effect that has now been initiated by it, and which upon continuos usage will eventually decrease. As soon as the skin normalizes it's Homeostasis it will eventually fully dissipate.

SKIN MATRIX "Aging Inhibitor"


SKIN MATRIX TM Active ingredients:

C-MATRIXTM, L-Ascorbic acid (non transitional), GLYCO-MATRIXTM Consisting of Monosaccharides, Disaccharides, Ionic Polysaccharides, Polysulfated Glycosaminoglycans and Polyols (all non reducing sugars),
XYLAN Pentose Monosaccarides
ARABINOGALACTAN (Siberian Larch tree)

All of Natural Food Origin
All FDA approved under: GRASS STATUS
Ascorbic Acid
Nicotinic Acid
AMINO COATTM (TMG. a Natural Metabolic Intermediate, and Methyl donor)
Citrus Paradisi (standardized extract)
SYNYRGIZED CAMU- CAMUTM, Vitamin C from organic whole food sources
Rutin (97.53% Standardized Extract)
Taxifolin-DIHYDROQUERCETIN (97.5% Standardized Extact, -Vitamin P)
Blueberry Leaf Extract (20% S.-E.)
Green Tea Extract (95% S.-E.)
Parilla Seed Extract (20% S.-E.)
Centella Asiatica Extract (20%S.-E.)
Sodium Glycerophosphate
CERAMIDE P-C (Phyto-origin),
Other Ingredients, Distilled Water, Vegetable Glycerine

Shake well before using.
For best results REFRIGERATE, or store in a cool environment.