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Testimonials for Body ImageTM

Disclaimer: These third party statements as reported to us by our customers are purely of ANECDOTAL evidence nature. Coenzyme A Technologies, Inc. makes no claims or representations of diagnosing, mitigating or treating any disease conditions.

Dear Coenzyme-A Technologies Inc.,

I've been taking Coenzyme-A and Body Image for 3 months and I've lost 31 pounds and I'm down 2 pants sizes. Before taking these supplements I was plagued by severe stomach problems caused by my diabetic medication and years of yo-yo dieting. The stomach problems were affecting my work performance and I lost 2 big jobs because I was too ill to work. I've been able to regain an active lifestyle. My co-workers and friends have noticed the change in me, I feel young and energetic again. Coenzyme-A is also a breakthrough for diabetics! Since taking it my blood sugar has drastically balanced out; it's dropped from 375 points to between 110 and 120 points. My hemoglobin IC was at 18 points and now it's 9 points. My doctor states that my cholesterol is way down and my organ function is better. Even though I still have a ways to go, Coenzyme-A has saved me from a life of insulin shots. I owe my life to the scientists and researchers of this fantastic supplement breakthrough!
A thankful consumer,
Ricky Lee Brooks
August 2, 2004
Seattle, Washington

February 4, 2001
Testimonial for Coenzyme-A and Body Image

Mr. Skouras:
This letter is to thank you and your company for the creation of two products that I currently use.
So far I have survived two heart attacks, a quadruple bypass and a severe bout with arrhythmia. About a year and a half ago I had a pacemaker and defibrillator installed. As a result, I am retired at age 54 and considered totally disabled with congenital heart failure. Also in 1985, I developed diabetes and began injecting insulin in December of 2000. My prescriptions include spirolactone 25 mg. once per day, prinivil 20 mg. twice, betapace 80 mg. twice, lipitor 20 mg. once, ferosamide 40 mg. mornings, 20 mg. afternoons, and potassium 10 mg. twice. Supplements are aspirin, vitamins B-6, B-12, E, C, magnesium, fish oil, and hawthorn.

About two years ago I began taking Coenzyme-A, 2 pills twice a day. The changes were gradual and sometimes I don't notice things I should. When I forgot to order more and ran out, the difference was remarkable. Within 72 hours I had no energy and little interest in anything but sitting. I finally figured out what the problem was. We immediately drove 50 miles to my sister's home and borrowed enough to get by until my shipment arrived. The point is, I am not trained in supplemental nutrition but I can testify that this product makes my life reasonably comfortable and I have no desire to be without it. Ever!

Three months ago I began taking Body Image. Again, I can't explain why this product does what it does. One of the unpleasant side effects of congenital heart failure is breathlessness. I hated to tie my own shoes. Any activity included extended periods of shortness of breath. After a week of taking two capsules twice a day, the difference was dramatic. At a minimum, I am 50% better, and I suspect it is 60% or more. I work in the yard, go fishing, and go to higher altitudes. My participation in everyday life has increased to the point that things are enjoyable again.

September 22, 2002
Subject: Coenzyme A and Body Image

Sir : I am a cardiac patient in Benton City WA and a satisfied user of your products for over three years. In 1995, I had a heart attack and as a result was found to need bypass surgery. The medical unit at Sacred Heart Hospital succeeded in bypassing four of my five blockages and very soon I returned to work. In 1999, my health failed again and I was diagnosed with CHF, with a 15% usage of one of the lower chambers. They installed a pacemaker and a defibulator and began a regimen of prescription drugs. I was introduced to your products by my brother Pat McCormick and began taking Coenzyme A daily . Later he recommended that I begin taking Body Image . Coenzyme A increased my energy by a huge margin. I know this because I ran out for 3 days and at the end of this time I didn't want to get out of bed. Fortunately a bottle of A was found and I soon felt better. The Image had an effect that according to Pat , wasn't supposed to happen. My breathlessness was almost immediately improved. I do things today that the group at Sacred Heart Hospital just shrug and scratch their heads over.

In August, I underwent a Nuclear Stress Test of my cardio-vascular system. This procedure introduces two isotopes of differing half lives and a dyeing agent and tracks them throughout the system to examine for narrowed or blocked bypasses. I was deemed totally clear of any buildup and my heart failure had not increased at all. I think that taking your products has gone a long ways in my battle with these problems. I would like to thank you for these products. Rest assured that I recommend them to anyone that will listen. Please keep up the good work. There are people that are really being helped.
Thank you,
Robert E. McCormick

Dear Coenzyme-A Technologies Inc.,

Recently I lost quite a bit of weight, but like most people I hit a plateau. I increased my physical activity and carefully watched what I ate but couldn't lose those last Ten + pounds.

I had been taking Lipotropics and Thermogenics for many years with little or no success. Then I started taking your Coenzyme ATM and Body ImageTM products. In just three weeks I lost ten pounds! I couldn't believe it! What I was struggling for months to achieve was accomplished in just three short weeks!

If anyone out there is struggling with their weight I strongly recommend these products. Now all my friends want to buy some too.


Stacy Bouche'
Seattle, WA

For years I have struggled with my weight. I'm not a person who approaches this by trying each new fad diet as it comes out only to abandon it a few weeks later. I exercise regularly, have a healthy diet and take many supplements including thermogenics - none of which have really helped me get and keep the weight off. In addition, I have recently had a couple attacks of gout, a condition that my doctor is convinced won't reoccur if I take my excess weight off.

I first heard about Coenzyme-A Technologies' products from the manager of my local health food store. He was so impressed with the products, that he convinced me to start taking Body ImageTM and Healthy Joint ImageTM. The first week I made no significant changes to what I ate, and was only able to get to the gym once, but I took the Image products as directed. It was almost too good to be true that at the end of that week, I had lost five and a half pounds. The weight continued to come off, and I've lost ten pounds in the first month.

Before taking the Healthy Joint Image, I had two very painful attacks of gout during the previous six weeks, and still had a significant amount of swelling and stiffness still in my ankle. After a few days of taking Healthy Joint Image, the inflammation was reduced greatly, and within 10 days, the stiffness and discomfort were completely gone. I can only attribute this to the Healthy Joint product since I had been taking three different prescription medications for nearly six weeks to correct this problem, and hadn't gotten complete relief from any of them. I also noticed an increased amount of energy, I had fewer "low" days, and was sleeping better.

My experience was so positive that I found out as much information on Coenzyme-A that I could get my hands on. I have worked in the health care field for over ten years, and decided to talk personally with the director of the company to answer the remaining questions I had. During that meeting, I came to understand that these products were an all-natural and affordable way to address a variety of chronic conditions beyond what I had experienced myself. I got so excited by this concept and the passion of the people behind it, that I asked to work for the company. I'm proud to say that I am now with an organization that delivers a product to help people feel better, and actually delivers the results it claims to have.

Scott F. Arend
Seattle, Washington

Dear Nick:

My husband and I have been using two of your new Coenzyme-A products for almost 4 weeks now. We are both very active (gym 6 days a week) and run our own business and are in the process of starting a new corporation. Time and energy are two things we seem to run out of more often than not.

My husband is using the Healthy Cholesterol ImageTM and our goal is to be able to take him off of his high-blood pressure medicine. Although we are not there just yet, we have noticed that his hypertension has lessened and he is generally a calmer person. Another change has been that his EXTREME sugar cravings have disappeared - not just been reduced but are gone. This is remarkable for a person used to eating/needing about a half-pound of sugar a day.

I have been using the Body ImageTM and Healthy Cholesterol ImageTM. I have noticed a few changes in myself as well. A definite reduction in sugar cravings, my energy levels seem to be more balanced and my skin is looking great. I have also noticed that I have an easier time digesting food - and this is very important to me when I am eating 5-7 meals a day.

We will keep you posted on my husband's progress regarding his blood pressure meds. Good luck and thanks for the incredible products.

Best Regards,

Rene' E. Pothetes and Michael J. Decker

I am a 25-year-old male, 5'-3'' tall and I have a body weight of 160+ pounds. I am a competitive body builder and I usually take first place at all the shows I compete in.

Last fall I decided to prepare for a regional show that was also a "National Qualifier", I also decided to use every kind of "exogenous hormone" I could get my hands on to help me prepare for the competition.

Aside from the numerous side effects that followed my supplemental regimen, my main concern was with the appearance of my skin, especially when I got off of everything.

What followed was a nightmare! During my teenage days I had a light bout with acne, but nothing like this. The skin on my face, chest, shoulders and back had turned into small volcanoes. I was erupting with postular and cystic acne.

Eventually I was forced to seek professional help and was prescribed strong antibiotics. The results were minimal and I constantly felt sick to my stomach. I suffered for quite a few months and then finally I received the help I desperately needed.

My good friend and Trainer (who is also a nutritionist) was involved with a new company called Coenzyme-A Technologies, they had developed a product for acne called CLEAR SKIN IMAGETM.

I followed his instructions and began using the product, he personally guaranteed me that it would work as long as I followed the simple instructions. To my astonishment he was correct.

By the end of the first week my skin had improved over 50%. By the end of the second week I had no more new eruptions, and the existing ones were dried up and hardly visible. I actually felt healthier, my self-esteem had returned and I felt confident enough to begin preparations for the biggest show of the year. My training became very aggressive and so did my supplementation! However, my skin still continued to improve.

I then started taking another product made by Coenzyme-A Technologies called BODY IMAGETM. My Trainer had explained to me that it worked by improving "every cells metabolism" so that I would lose fat and get better definition.

The BODY IMAGETM product also worked like a miracle, I successfully placed a close second losing the first place trophy by only a few points.



I strongly recommend the CLEAR SKIN IMAGETM product to any competitive athlete especially if they are experimenting with hormone supplements, as for the BODY IMAGETM product I would like to keep all of that for myself.

Phu Le
Seattle, WA

Nick Skouras
Coenzyme-A Technologies

Dear Nick,

Your products are wonderful. I've been lifting weights for 7 years and it is now a life long activity. At one time I was working out 4-5 times a week for 2-2 ½ hours a session. I looked the best of my life. Now, as a business owner, I can no longer devote that much time to the gym, but I don't want to lose my strength and defined muscles. I follow a fairly strict eating regiment but would often crave the foods I felt would be detrimental to my physique. I have been taking Coenzyme ATM and Body ImageTM for 5 months and I am ecstatic with the results.

I started Coenzyme ATM and Body ImageTM just as I was starting a European vacation. For two weeks I ate very rich and fatty foods (much of the trip was in Vienna, which is renown for its pastries) and my only exercise was walking. I had concerns that there would be much lost ground to be made up in the gym when I returned. To my surprise and delight I actually lost 4 pounds and remained lean.

My regular schedule allows me only 3 days a week at the gym for sessions of 1-1 ½ hours. However, I'm still able to lift considerable weight for my size and continue to have nicely defined muscles. Best of all I rarely have cravings for overly fatty or sweet foods and in general I need to eat less. When I do indulge myself with treats, there are no apparent ill effects. I've taken supplements before with varying degrees of success. The combination of the Coenzyme ATM and Body ImageTM supplements are allowing me to have the strength and physique I desire with much less effort. They also give me the energy to engage in strenuous actives such as rock climbing and mountain biking, and the option to enjoy previously forbidden foods yet remain lean. I'm 42 years old, 5'5'', 118 pounds with low body fat and plenty of muscles and stamina, I couldn't be more pleased with your products.

Thank you,

Lisa Young
Seattle, Washington

I am 52 years old and insist on living a very active life. As a police officer working patrol, I need to stay alert and in good shape. The schedule for patrol officers is four 9 hour days on then 2 days off. My day starts at 2:00 AM since my shift is from 3:30 AM to 12:30 PM. On 2 days, I work an off duty patrol job for 6 1/2 additional hours. I exercise for at least 1 hour 6 (sometimes 7) days each week plus keep up a house and a yard. I need energy and a healthy mind and body in order to accomplish my goals.

As the aging process began to take its toll, I found it more difficult to keep up my schedule. On some days I would force myself to do my workout, but my energy level was low and I could tell that I was not getting the results that I wanted. I was just going through the motions, but with little benefits. From 20 years of Martial Arts, I had developed arthritis in the joints of my hands, wrists and fingers and was often in pain. Two degenerating lumbar discs and one cervical disc were also slowing me down. Since I was a young adult I have had problems with irregularity and those were increasing. My energy level was not what I needed it to be. Menopause was also causing some problems.

For many, the answer would be prescription medication, slowing down, quick fix remedies such as pain pills and the numerous quick energy products and "weight loss without exercise" products that are flooding the market. I refuse to go that route! Slowing down is out of the question; I do not trust prescription chemicals; pain is your body's way of telling you something needs to be fixed, not masked; anything worthwhile takes time; and weight loss without exercise is ridiculous. For me, the best way to treat pain is to exercise, kicking in the endorphins, the body's natural pain relievers and getting the blood flowing to the damaged areas, the body's natural healer.

Nick Skouras at Mari Don Healthway introduced me to the Coenzyme A products seven months ago. I have been shopping with Nick Skouras and Richard Chang at Mari Don Healthway for four years now and trust their judgement. I started out with the Coenzyme A, Healthy Joint Image and the Body Image products. After about a month, I realized that my problems were clearing up! I was extremely pleased because gradual improvements are the kind that last. This meant that my body was going through positive changes.

My metabolism was improving, giving me more energy for longer periods of time, making me regular and processing the food I was eating so that I got the maximum benefit from the nutrients. My hormonal levels were balanced, I was getting the maximum benefit from my workouts and my joints are fully functional with no pain. I have also noticed improvements in my ability to retain and recall information. My body is much more tolerant of the cold weather, which has never happened before! Colds and flu have gone through the squad I am in, but I have not come down with anything. I had reached a plateau in my weight lifting, unable to increase my weights, but now I have been able to increase the weights in the last few months!

I have never been one to push products publicly just because they work for me, but this is different. For several years I have been teaching Self Defense and Defense Awareness to groups and individuals because it is important to me that people learn to empower themselves and not become victims. The Coenzyme A products can also empower people so that they do not become victims of the stressful, poor diet and no exercise lifestyle that so many live today. This is why I want to share my experience with the products.

Donna Trigsted
Seattle, Washington

Dear Coenzyme-A Technologies:

As a retired physical education teacher and wrestling coach, I've always been quite physically active and even wrestled competitively until age 50. Upon retirement I worked out with weight training and entered my first powerlifting contest at age 67. I currently hold several national records for the bench press, squats and deadlifts for my age group, and I am the World Champion for the WABDL (World Association of Bench Press and Dead Lifters) and hold the current World Record in the dead lift.

After I reached the age of 70 ( I'm 72 now), I discovered that I couldn't increase my muscle mass any longer from my weight training, and if I had an injury, the time it took to heal could be several weeks or months. This meant I had a difficult time staying in top shape to continue competing in the national and world lifting events.

I began taking three of your products - Coenzyme-A, Body Image and Healthy Joint - over three months ago at the suggestion of a friend who is a professional trainer and clinical nutritionist. I'm happy to say that since then, I am increasing my muscle mass! I thought that I would have to settle for a continuing decrease in strength, but these products have actually helped me get stronger and leaner for my contests. I also find I have a quicker recovery time for my injuries, have less stiffnes in my joints and have had fewer colds than I normally do. This has been incredibly exciting for me, and has allowed me to train at a harder level than I've been capable of in years.

Thank you for creating such wonderful products. I plan on remaining a loyal customer so I can stay healthy and in competitive shape for as long as possible.


Jim Schall
Seattle, WA

Dear Coenzyme-A Technologies,

I want to express my gratitude towards you for your products.

When I started taking your Coenzyme A product I had been struggling with baby weight from my one and half year old and was sedentary for 6 months due to a car accident. Before I got pregnant I had just graduated from college where I ran as a sprinter on a full Track and Field scholarship. I had never before been overweight and after I had my daughter I had a really hard time trying to get the weight off. I had been working out but I wasn't seeing the results that I was looking for.

When I started taking "Coenzyme A" in March of 1999 I was 155 lbs., which was fifteen pounds over the weight I was during my densest muscle mass at the peak of competition. I was very unhappy and lacked energy and motivation. After a few weeks I started to feel like I had more energy and after a month and a half I started to really see a change. I ended up loosing about 10 pounds in 3 months and then plateaued to a point where I was working out 4-5 times a week and was seeing no loss in weight. During this time, I was pleased in watching my body redistribute the weight from fat back into muscle. My waistline diminished and my clothes were getting bigger on me. I then started taking your "Body Image" and "Healthy Cholesterol Image" products. These two products worked together beautifully and I saw even more changes within weeks. I lost another eight pounds in 2 months of taking this combination. In the total of seven months I have been taking your products, I have lost 17 pounds and have gone down 3 sizes.

Not only do I like the products for the weight loss assistance, but also because of the benefits in energy gain. Since last September I have started going to school full time studying naturopathic medicine. It's a grueling program and on top of the classes and the schoolwork, I work and take care of my 2-1/2 year old. My schedule is very demanding but with Coenzyme A's help I have been able to stay awake, motivated and focused. Sometimes on the weekends I am not as regimented with my supplementation and I notice that I am more fatigued than normal.

The other benefit that I am most excited about was that it cleared up my skin. I used to have oily pimply skin everyday since I can remember. There was never a day that I could run my fingers over my face and not feel bumps and oil. I can do that now and it is amazing I am not embarrassed to have people touch my face anymore.



I definitely recommend these products to everyone. As I am learning in Biochemistry this year Coenzyme A is a major player in countless metabolic pathways in the body. The addition of this coenzyme into your daily intake will most certainly manifest itself in external as well as internal beneficial results.

Thankfully yours,

Jamila Godfrey

To Coenzyme-A Technologies:

My name is Saleh Aldoub. I am a 22 year old student and have been training as a competitive bodybuilder for the last four years.

I have competed in several regional shows and have done well, but I could never get the lean, ripped appearance I wanted before a contest. In September, a bodybuilding friend of mine who is also a clinical nutritionist, suggested that I start taking your Coenzyme A and Body Image products together, in order to be in top shape for the November Ironman Natural Bodybuilding Competition I was entering.

After a few weeks of using your supplements, I could tell that I was losing subcutaneous fat and my lean muscle mass was increasing. I could also work out harder with less fatigue than usual. A couple weeks before the competition, I was getting a lot of compliments about my leaner physique from my fellow bodybuilders at the gym. Many of them asked me if I was using some kind of drug or steroids, but when I told them I was using your all natural Coenzyme A and Body Image products they couldn't believe it!

      after 3 weeks

        after 6 weeks

    after 12 weeks

I stayed on both products for twelve weeks before the competition, and I looked awesome on the night of the contest! I was leaner and more ripped than I'd been at any event before, and I placed in the top five finalists. Since the show I have continued taking the Coenzyme A because I really believe it is helping me gain strength without the use of any stimulants or dangerous drugs that bodybuilders are know to use and abuse. I look forward to my next contest, and the healthy benefits that your products have given me.


Saleh Aldoub
Seattle, WA

I have been a regular user of Coenzyme A, Body Image and Healthy Joint Image products for nearly a year. Being an Olympic caliber athlete for the Women's National Rowing Team and a World Champion, I have found each of these products to be an important part of my success.

In the fall of 1997 I began training for the summer Olympic Games in Sydney. Unfortunately, the volume of training and increased muscle mass created a perfect recipe for rib stress fracture in the spring of 1998. This is a common injury for rowers due to the amount of stress we create through our trunk area. What I soon realized after rehab is that some injuries never REALLY disappear. This continued to be a problem area for me until July of 1999. After having taken Coenzyme A and Healthy Joint Image products consistently for about 6 months, I noticed a dramatic increase in the stability of my shoulder and rib area. All of the connective tissue that had previously given me so much trouble was more elastic and "moisturized," which I could actually feel! Keep in mind I train 3 times each day, so I just wonder what this could do for a typical athlete who exercises 3-5 times each week for health purposes!

An interesting part of my competition as a world-class athlete is that at competition I have to weigh in at 125.6 lbs (57kg), 15 lbs less than my natural body weight of 140-lbs/12% body fat. The Body Image and Coenzyme A products along with a balanced diet have helped create a safe stable foundation in which I can loose weight effectively (fat NOT muscle) and recover from workouts faster as I lean down. Again, I can only imagine how this will help me when I return to teaching and exercising 4-5 times each week, when my body is in a more balanced environment!

Pictured from left to right: Sherri Kiklas, Angie Cummins, Sara DenBesten & Molly Brock

Nick and Don, your support and expertise in my development has been critical to my past success. Thank you for your hard work in developing these incredibly helpful products and sponsoring me in my pursuit for the Olympic Games.


Angie Cummins

I have been weight training since 1989, and was in the fitness industry for 6 years as a fitness instructor with major emphasis on strength. During that period, my body composition went up and down as I tried all the latest supplements and dietary tricks, however, nothing ever really unlocked my fat stores to my satisfaction (I never got much definition in my abs or legs). I always had the idea of entering a competition in the back of my mind, but never pursued it seriously until the spring of '99. A lot of people at the gym kept asking me if I was getting ready for a show, my answer was always no, until someone mentioned that Ironman was 11 weeks away. At the same time I heard about Coenzyme-A Technologies' supplements from my training partner who wanted to do the same show, so I decided to go for it.

I started taking Coenzyme A and Body Image together on August 2nd. By the 3rd dose, I felt a surge of heat flush through my whole body - my metabolism was stoked! Within the first 2 weeks I could see a visible change in my skin tone and a reduction in body fat, and I was feeling strong. At this point, I was training heavy and eating as much as could, and I was getting leaner every day.

As I continued to train, I started to really cut my carb intake and increase my cardio, I also switched from Body Image to Healthy Cholesterol, and continued with the Coenzyme A. I felt no cravings for carbs, my energy was good, and I was still getting leaner, but the most amazing part was that my weight was close to the same as when I'd started. In those first weeks I had increased my muscle mass and maintained it as I cut down on my food intake. In my many years of experimentation and dietary manipulations I was never able to accomplish this until I started taking Coenzyme-A Technologies' products! In the past my result were tired, small, soft looking muscles, and I had no energy.

After the show, I took a long break from both the training and the supplements, but even with my sporadic visits to the gym I did not lose much strength, and my metabolism remained higher than ever before. I recently started taking Coenzyme A and Body Image again and in just two weeks with a normal schedule of training I received the results I wanted!


Shaun McBride

February 18, 2002

To Whom it May Concern:

For the past year. I have used the following Coenzyme-A Technology Inc. products on a regular basis: Coenzyme-A, Body Image, Healthy Cholesterol Image, and the Healthy Joint Image. I can without reservation state that I feel better, look better, and perform better as a result of my following the Coenzyme regimen.

These products, the company, and its representatives are simply super. I’ve lost approximately sixty pounds. my blood pressure is well within the normal range for an adult male, 127/80, and my cholesterol is low.

I enthusiastically recommend Coenzyme-A Technology Inc. products to those interested in good health.
Robert Walling

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