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Testimonials for Clear Skin ImageTM

Disclaimer: These third party statements as reported to us by our customers are purely of ANECDOTAL evidence nature. Coenzyme A Technologies, Inc. makes no claims or representations of diagnosing, mitigating or treating any disease conditions.

I am 20 years old and have suffered chronic cystic acne since my early teens. For many years I have endured painful severe cystic acne eruptions all over my face, back and chest.

Fortunately for me I was one of the first people to use Coenzyme-A Technologies' Clear Skin ImageTM product from its development in December 1998.

When I started taking Clear Skin ImageTM I immediately noticed an improvement and after only four months my skin was completely clear. Now, I only have a few scars on my back and chest as a result of the cystic acne that I had for so long. It's too bad that Clear Skin ImageTM was not available to me years ago when I first got acne so I could have avoided the years of pain and suffering as well as the scars on my skin.



Thank you for developing an acne product that really works!

Michael Trapalis
Lake Stevens, WA

Innovative Energy Provisions
1126 Industry Drive
Tukwila, WA 98188

I started taking Coenzyme-A Technologies' CLEAR SKIN IMAGETM about two weeks ago. I am a 47-year-old woman who has had oily skin and a few breakouts at least once a month since puberty. Recently in the last year due to peri-menopausal cycle changes my breakouts have increased. Last fall I got an exceptionally bad pimple on the corner of my nose that I tried to extract before I went to a party. It looked so bad, I desperately tried to buy a small bandage to cover it up, but the bandage looked even worse. I attended the party anyway. It was a friend's big 40th birthday bash and his friend did a close up video of all of us wishing him happy birthday. I felt like a teenager, being embarrassed about my pimple showing in the video. I still have a small scar in the corner of my nose. I was glad to try a nutritional way to clear my skin. Retin-A is drying and other acne medications also strip the skin of moisture. At my age I like to be able to moisturize to prevent aging and wrinkles rather than be using harsh products to prevent acne breakouts.

When I took my first dose, there was a pimple forming on my chin. I usually need to extract a pimple manually or it will take forever to heal or go away on its own. I can't just look at something like that on my face and leave it alone. It does not look professional to have a pimple on your face. I decided to leave it alone that evening and see if the CLEAR SKIN IMAGETM would improve the condition of the pimple and went to bed. The next morning the pimple did not advance to a larger stage but actually was smaller and less red in appearance. I was delighted and within a few days it faded away completely. Currently the overall texture of my facial skin is softer and smoother and the pores on my T Zone area are smaller and finer in appearance.

I am an active, athletic person and never wear skin covering makeup. I use lipstick and mascara only, as I prefer the natural look. Having a clear complexion is important to me as I feel healthy skin is more attractive than makeup. I have invested hundreds of dollars in expensive non-oily moisturizers, cleansers, astringents, etc. This internal method of cleaning my complexion is more effective and cost efficient. I have also noticed an increase in my overall energy level. My close friend recently passed away, and I was distraught by that, but I had to continue putting long hours of work into my business. My energy level seems to have increased and I did not have any new breakouts in spite of these stressful circumstances.

Julia Shozen

I never had breakouts in my teenager years. It started the year I was 19 in the fall/winter, turning 20 in the spring, and I got cyst-like breakouts, followed by depression, of course. I got a strong medicine named Roaccutan in Sweden, and it all went away.

During the past few years I have had a few breakouts in the wintertime but nothing to talk about.

Then fall/winter 1998 it started again, now I'm 29 about to turn 30, and it all came back, very infected and hurting.

I started using Coenzyme-A Technologies' Clear Skin ImageTM and overnight it all went away in a most amazing way. Since then I haven't had any breakouts to talk about and my skin has healed and looks wonderful. Thank you, thank you and thank you again!!


Mika Sand
Seattle, WA

After trying Coenzyme-A Technologies Clear Skin ImageTM formula with positive results for the clarity of my skin, I tried Coenzyme-A Technology's Coenzyme ATM The Master Coenzyme formula.

As a teenager and in my early 20's I was gifted with a healthy metabolism and enjoyed great physical and mental energy allowing me to do more and perform better than many of my peers. Now I am in my late 40's and have had many days of feeling physically and mentally fatigued from my busy lifestyle. I have often wished I could have the energy of my youth again. But I have more ambition and defined goals to accomplish now than I did then, I really don't want to slow down.

I noticed a big increase in my energy and ability to concentrate mentally after my first dose of Coenzyme ATM. I don't feel the need for several cups of coffee before I can feel mentally functional like I often did before. Yesterday, I actually refused a free latte offer because I didn't want one. It was at the time of day when I usually feel a craving for a caffeine boost; I was really surprised. Actually I haven't felt this good since I was in my early 20's. This energy gives me a more positive outlook, which helps me enjoy my work more. I don't feel like a slave driver pushing myself to work hard like I did before. The energy I feel is a relaxed natural and healthy feeling energy, much different from the temporary nervous energy surges one might experience for a few hours after caffeine intake. This is really a healthy way to feel, I want all my friends and relatives to try it too.

Julia Shozen
Seattle, WA

I am a 25-year-old male, 5'-3'' tall and I have a body weight of 160+ pounds. I am a competitive body builder and I usually take first place at all the shows I compete in.

Last fall I decided to prepare for a regional show that was also a "National Qualifier", I also decided to use every kind of "exogenous hormone" I could get my hands on to help me prepare for the competition.

Aside from the numerous side effects that followed my supplemental regimen, my main concern was with the appearance of my skin, especially when I got off of everything.

What followed was a nightmare! During my teenage days I had a light bout with acne, but nothing like this. The skin on my face, chest, shoulders and back had turned into small volcanoes. I was erupting with postular and cystic acne.

Eventually I was forced to seek professional help and was prescribed strong antibiotics. The results were minimal and I constantly felt sick to my stomach. I suffered for quite a few months and then finally I received the help I desperately needed.

My good friend and Trainer (who is also a nutritionist) was involved with a new company called Coenzyme-A Technologies, they had developed a product for acne called CLEAR SKIN IMAGETM.

I followed his instructions and began using the product, he personally guaranteed me that it would work as long as I followed the simple instructions. To my astonishment he was correct.

By the end of the first week my skin had improved over 50%. By the end of the second week I had no more new eruptions, and the existing ones were dried up and hardly visible. I actually felt healthier, my self-esteem had returned and I felt confident enough to begin preparations for the biggest show of the year. My training became very aggressive and so did my supplementation! However, my skin still continued to improve.

I then started taking another product made by Coenzyme-A Technologies called BODY IMAGETM. My Trainer had explained to me that it worked by improving "every cells metabolism" so that I would lose fat and get better definition.

The BODY IMAGETM product also worked like a miracle, I successfully placed a close second losing the first place trophy by only a few points.



I strongly recommend the CLEAR SKIN IMAGETM product to any competitive athlete especially if they are experimenting with hormone supplements, as for the BODY IMAGETM product I would like to keep all of that for myself.

Phu Le
Seattle, WA

Since I have started using Coenzyme-A Technologies' Clear Skin ImageTM, my acne has been reduced considerably. I would get a few spots here and there and they would stay around for a long time. Now if I get a blemish it is very small and goes away in a day. However, acne wasn't my biggest problem; my skin color was always uneven. Sometimes I wore foundation to even out my complexion, but I don't like to wear it. Now with Clear Skin ImageTM, my skin color is more even and I don't have to spend hours in the store trying to find the right color of foundation. I look better, I feel better, I'm more secure and I don't have to hide my face with my hair.

Kimberly Fredrickson, age 22
Seattle, WA

Dear Coenzyme-A Technologies,

I am writing to you to tell you of the success I am having with your Clear Skin ImageTM product. Since I was about 13 years old I have constantly had acne on my face. Usually I didn't have large breakouts, but it was very embarrassing and depressing to see my face when I looked in the mirror or had a photo taken, and my self esteem sunk lower and lower. Acne creams didn't seem to work very well. I didn't make very many friends or participate in any school activities and have always regretted that period of my life. At the time, my only hope was that I would grow out of it one day. Well, here I was at 28 and I still had a bad complexion. At least I had learned to accept myself and live with my blemishes. I have always envied people with naturally clear skin.

Even when my skin was occasionally "clear", there were still dark spots where a breakout used to be, or from pimples that had not surfaced yet, and many times I would breakout in places on my face where the base of a hair follicle would become clogged. It wasn't as simple as keeping my skin clean, because I would still break out whenever I was stressed out, or when I ate fatty foods such as cheese or ice-cream.

I have tried many acne products with little success. My brother told me to get a prescription for antibiotics which I would have done had I not heard about Clear Skin ImageTM. After reading the research behind Clear Skin ImageTM, I was convinced to give it a try. It seems to me that its better to lower the skin secretions, than to use antibiotics or acne creams to kill the bacteria in the skin; treating the cause rather than the symptoms. Anyway, in one week, I noticed a major difference. My skin looked clearer, and my wife even commented on how nice my skin looked. Up until then my diet usually had very little fats and sugars, but because of some recent celebrations, I had much more than usual, and yet my face and body continued to improve. After one month, I decided that it was totally worth the price and bought my second bottle. (I was taking 3 tablets 3 times a day) I noticed that my skin looked clearer, less greasy, and had no dry patches. Also, the size of my pores looked smaller and my skin felt smoother, and I now was able to enjoy a moderate amount of fatty foods with no effect on my complexion.

In addition to a clearer complexion, I have noticed since taking Clear Skin ImageTM, my mood and energy level has improved. I feel happier and I can think clearer. My self esteem is better, of course. I can look people in the eye when I talk to them and I know they are not judging me by my complexion, but by my actions. I feel more confident and outgoing. It seems silly to think that I missed out on so much of life in my youth, worrying about a stupid little thing like how I looked, but it really was an issue that crippled me. I can't begin to thank you enough for a product that really works. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a natural way to improve their skin complexion.

Sincerely and enthusiastically,

J. H. Paul

Dear Coenzyme-A Technologies:

Just a note to follow up to my previous letter of May 22, 1999.

I have continued to take your products and am noticing quite a difference in my skin.

Having lived with heredity acne my whole life, it feels great to have clear, glowing skin. People comment on my "radiant" look and wonder what I have done.

Thanks for the incredible products.

Best Regards,

Rene' E. Pothetes

Dear Coenzyme-A Technologies,

I'm 21 years old and I spent last year down in South America experiencing a very stressful and different lifestyle. I've always been a very healthy person with a great complexion. But I came back from South America a "different person", suffering from acne that covered my entire face. I also came back due to a horrible internal discomfort that I thought might have been from parasites. So, for the last 4 months I've seen nearly every kind of doctor in Washington; I've seen Naturopaths, visited Tacoma General Hospital for a Western Medicine practitioners diagnosis, I've been put on Accutane, and its been like a guessing game for them all. Meanwhile as I took their herbs, pills, and medication, my constipation got so bad I'd have to count the days in waiting, and my depression was dragging me under to the point where I didn't want to get up at all. The Accutane devoured my skin for a while and I felt like I had no face until I put the Accutane pills away and started taking Coenzyme-A Clear Skin Image instead.

I started taking 3 pills 3 times a day, 6 weeks ago. Almost immediately after I started, my bowel movements became regular. This was fantastic! I was still pretty depressed, but at least my system was being cleansed. Within the first 3 weeks my skin started shining and smoothing out and I stopped seeing a doctor.

My life has been smoothing out, and I know I'm on the right path at last. But just to test these beneficial resu1ts, I stopped taking the Clear Skin Image pills for a week. Things started slipping fast, I felt a little constipated and the internal discomfort started up again and I felt more depressed. Before damage could be done to my face I got another bottle of Clear Skin Image. I want to be on the Coenzyme-A Clear Skin Image pills for a longer period of time. This product has proven itself to be the total mind/body remedy we've all been looking for. I hope others have the good fortune to find this product too. Thank you guys so much, I can't even express the relief and gratitude I feel now. I love the continuous results.



Mucous Gracias,

Jesse A. Morrison
Seattle, Washington

Nick Skouras
Director of Marketing &
Product Development
Coenzyme-A Technologies
12512 Beverly Park Road, B1
Lynnwood, WA 98037

Dear Nick,

Thank you for bringing your Coenzyme A products to market. I have been using your Clear Skin Image product for a few months, and it works! I noticed within a few days that my pores were smaller and my skin felt smoother. Within a week, my complexion was much clearer and free of blemishes. This is an outstanding product and I will continue to be a loyal user.


Mary Shine

My 16-year-old son has had acute acne for the past 3 years, during which time he was treated by a dermatologist. He has been given the full range of anti-acne antibiotics and also a 5 month treatment of Accutane. When his acne reappeared the dermatologist recommended that he take Accutane again. Instead, he started taking Coenzyme-A Technologies' Clear Skin Image which was highly successful for his older sister. So far, we have noticed a substantial improvement after one month. He plans to continue with Clear Skin Image until all his acne has disappeared.




Val Morrison

Clear Skin Image completely cleared up my son's acne!

After 1 year of taking expensive prescription antibiotics (with only some relief), we were very reluctant to put our son on Accutane, which was the next step. Luckily, I saw Coenzyme-A Technologies' Clear Skin Image advertisement and decided to try it (anything had to be better than Accutane).

Within 1 week my son's acne had improved much more than when he was on antibiotics. Within 3 weeks his acne was gone! We were elated - this product actually works as the company states.


Shaina Traweek,
East Bernard, Texas

Dear Coenzyme-A Technologies,

I can't find the appropriate words to express my gratitude. Ideally you all could listen to me speak, and feel the passion in my voice as I rave about your products, which are the best thing that ever happened to me. I no longer wake up to the deafening sound of my alarm clock; The violating noise that dragged me out of bed to a day of ridiculous doctors appointments. They always seemed to be a routine waste of time. The doctors were trying everything, nothing helped and I felt hopeless.

I would have never predicated how I get up out of bed nowadays. Since I've started using Clear Skin Image and I'm excited to start a new day, my mind has opened up and I feel lucky to be me. Most Americans feel stuck in the routine of a dull life with its discomforts and brutal demands. Let me tell you, now I know that perspective has much to do with it. With the recognition of my clear beautiful skin and my clear beautiful mind, I'm able to follow my heart to make the most of each moment. I'm going back to school now, its useful rather than boring. And everyday is getting better! I'd like to share the "pot-of-gold" that I've found with others. We all should be able to experience how wonderful it can be to be human.

Thanks again Nick, I owe you so much.

Jesse Morrison

I have been using your Clear Skin Image product for 5 weeks with very good results. I learned about your product on a site about Accutane...you had an entry as an "Accutane Alternative" and that got my attention. I was prescribed Accutane but decided the numerous and serious side effects were not worth it.

Though my skin isn't 100% clear yet, it's made some excellent progress in that direction over the past 5 weeks. Far fewer breakouts overall and the oilyness of my skin has definitely decreased. With no side effects!


Sharon Blodgett

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