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Testimonials for Healthy Cholesterol ImageTM

Disclaimer: These third party statements as reported to us by our customers are purely of ANECDOTAL evidence nature. Coenzyme A Technologies, Inc. makes no claims or representations of diagnosing, mitigating or treating any disease conditions.

Dear Nick:

My husband and I have been using two of your new Coenzyme-A products for almost 4 weeks now. We are both very active (gym 6 days a week) and run our own business and are in the process of starting a new corporation. Time and energy are two things we seem to run out of more often than not.

My husband is using the Healthy Cholesterol ImageTM and our goal is to be able to take him off of his high-blood pressure medicine. Although we are not there just yet, we have noticed that his hypertension has lessened and he is generally a calmer person. Another change has been that his EXTREME sugar cravings have disappeared - not just been reduced but are gone. This is remarkable for a person used to eating/needing about a half-pound of sugar a day.

I have been using the Body ImageTM and Healthy Cholesterol ImageTM. I have noticed a few changes in myself as well. A definite reduction in sugar cravings, my energy levels seem to be more balanced and my skin is looking great. I have also noticed that I have an easier time digesting food - and this is very important to me when I am eating 5-7 meals a day.

We will keep you posted on my husband's progress regarding his blood pressure meds. Good luck and thanks for the incredible products.

Best Regards,

Rene' E. Pothetes and Michael J. Decker

Jack Kaleas
4951 N.E. 184th St.
Seattle, WA 98155
Occupation: Owner of Consulting Firm

Re: Coenzyme-A Products

Dear Coenzyme-A Technologies:

I am 52 years old and I was born with a horrible spine. My medical doctor says that my spine is in the bottom 1% for people in my age group. Within 3 days of starting to use your Healthy Joint Image product I felt noticeably and significantly better. My spine, in particular, was giving me less discomfort.

Also, for the past 10 years I have had chemical imbalances that have required either light doses of anti-depressants or a normal dose (220 mg) of St. John's Wort. Within 3 weeks of using Coenzyme A "The Master Enzyme", I was able to reduce my intake of St. John's Wort by 75%.

I am also using your Healthy Cholesterol Image product, which seems to allow me to be about 3 or 4 pounds lighter than otherwise.


Jack Kaleas

Dear Coenzyme-A Technologies,

I want to express my gratitude towards you for your products.

When I started taking your Coenzyme A product I had been struggling with baby weight from my one and half year old and was sedentary for 6 months due to a car accident. Before I got pregnant I had just graduated from college where I ran as a sprinter on a full Track and Field scholarship. I had never before been overweight and after I had my daughter I had a really hard time trying to get the weight off. I had been working out but I wasn't seeing the results that I was looking for.

When I started taking "Coenzyme A" in March of 1999 I was 155 lbs., which was fifteen pounds over the weight I was during my densest muscle mass at the peak of competition. I was very unhappy and lacked energy and motivation. After a few weeks I started to feel like I had more energy and after a month and a half I started to really see a change. I ended up loosing about 10 pounds in 3 months and then plateaued to a point where I was working out 4-5 times a week and was seeing no loss in weight. During this time, I was pleased in watching my body redistribute the weight from fat back into muscle. My waistline diminished and my clothes were getting bigger on me. I then started taking your "Body Image" and "Healthy Cholesterol Image" products. These two products worked together beautifully and I saw even more changes within weeks. I lost another eight pounds in 2 months of taking this combination. In the total of seven months I have been taking your products, I have lost 17 pounds and have gone down 3 sizes.

Not only do I like the products for the weight loss assistance, but also because of the benefits in energy gain. Since last September I have started going to school full time studying naturopathic medicine. It's a grueling program and on top of the classes and the schoolwork, I work and take care of my 2-1/2 year old. My schedule is very demanding but with Coenzyme A's help I have been able to stay awake, motivated and focused. Sometimes on the weekends I am not as regimented with my supplementation and I notice that I am more fatigued than normal.

The other benefit that I am most excited about was that it cleared up my skin. I used to have oily pimply skin everyday since I can remember. There was never a day that I could run my fingers over my face and not feel bumps and oil. I can do that now and it is amazing I am not embarrassed to have people touch my face anymore.



I definitely recommend these products to everyone. As I am learning in Biochemistry this year Coenzyme A is a major player in countless metabolic pathways in the body. The addition of this coenzyme into your daily intake will most certainly manifest itself in external as well as internal beneficial results.

Thankfully yours,

Jamila Godfrey

I have been weight training since 1989, and was in the fitness industry for 6 years as a fitness instructor with major emphasis on strength. During that period, my body composition went up and down as I tried all the latest supplements and dietary tricks, however, nothing ever really unlocked my fat stores to my satisfaction (I never got much definition in my abs or legs). I always had the idea of entering a competition in the back of my mind, but never pursued it seriously until the spring of '99. A lot of people at the gym kept asking me if I was getting ready for a show, my answer was always no, until someone mentioned that Ironman was 11 weeks away. At the same time I heard about Coenzyme-A Technologies' supplements from my training partner who wanted to do the same show, so I decided to go for it.

I started taking Coenzyme A and Body Image together on August 2nd. By the 3rd dose, I felt a surge of heat flush through my whole body - my metabolism was stoked! Within the first 2 weeks I could see a visible change in my skin tone and a reduction in body fat, and I was feeling strong. At this point, I was training heavy and eating as much as could, and I was getting leaner every day.

As I continued to train, I started to really cut my carb intake and increase my cardio, I also switched from Body Image to Healthy Cholesterol, and continued with the Coenzyme A. I felt no cravings for carbs, my energy was good, and I was still getting leaner, but the most amazing part was that my weight was close to the same as when I'd started. In those first weeks I had increased my muscle mass and maintained it as I cut down on my food intake. In my many years of experimentation and dietary manipulations I was never able to accomplish this until I started taking Coenzyme-A Technologies' products! In the past my result were tired, small, soft looking muscles, and I had no energy.

After the show, I took a long break from both the training and the supplements, but even with my sporadic visits to the gym I did not lose much strength, and my metabolism remained higher than ever before. I recently started taking Coenzyme A and Body Image again and in just two weeks with a normal schedule of training I received the results I wanted!


Shaun McBride

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