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Testimonials for Skin MatrixTM

Disclaimer: These third party statements as reported to us by our customers are purely of ANECDOTAL evidence nature. Coenzyme A Technologies, Inc. makes no claims or representations of diagnosing, mitigating or treating any disease conditions.

NOTE: The testimonials presented below are from customers who not only use SKIN MATRIX, but also use our Coenzyme-A product and including other anti-oxidant supplements internally.

May 25, 2004
Subject: SKIN MATRIX spray

Dear Dr. Skouras,
Thank you for the large bottle of SKIN MATRIX spray that I have recently received. What a lovely surprise it was! I have used the product daily for several weeks now and my skin feels and looks great. Living with a chronically ill partner, a cancer patient mother and not to mention my own medical problems of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgesia and several bouts of cancer, my fifty year old face was looking more like my eighty two year mothers.
Recently I ran into a friend I hadn't seen in several months, she said its the first time in years that I looked healthy and had good skin color and tone. At that time I didn't really equate the compliment with the Skin Matrix usage, but now I know that this was obviously the reason for the dramatic improvement of my skin.

Thank you again for everything you have done for Robert and myself,

Charlene McCormick

April 17, 2004

Dear Nickolaos,
I have been using the full range of Skin Matrix products for a little over a year now, and I would like to thank you for this wonderful product as the effect on my skin has been and is continuing to be impressive.

I noticed a distinct difference in my skin immediately on starting the product with a more even texture and tone and softening of fine lines. The changes then seemed to slow down for a while and I thought nothing much more was happening. But there came a point about four months ago now when I realized that my skin is not only now in great condition, but I am sure that the rate of ageing that had been occurring has definitely slowed dramatically. I also use it on my décolletage and the back of my hands to great effect. People are now continually complimenting me how wonderful my skin looks. Thanks for a great product that really works!!
Nikki Hoad
Gioventu Antiageing Systems

March 3, 2004
Dear Mr. Nick Skouras,
Thought that it be rather proper that I would now drop you a line concerning your SKIN MATRIX Spray Cleanser and ESSENCE product developments. I've been using them now for approx. the last year. It hasn’t been very religiously but I have rather been using them on and off after showers and shaving two times a day. I really had not paid much attention to my complexion until a friend asked me what I had been doing to my skin to keep it so tight and young looking Only then did I realize, that my skin was in the best shape that it had ever been in so many years that I can hardly remember. The fact is that I am 68 years old, and have a work history of working construction outdoors during very harsh summer and winter climates. While later joining the Merchant Marines and going out to sea and traveling all over the world for at least 40 years of my life. Considering all this I am rather happy I don't look like a dried prune! Your SKIN MATRIX WORKS! Yours Truly,
Victor Peters
Seattle, WA.

Dear Nickolaos
Thank you for your kind response. Re SKIN MATRIX product testimonial. As the long time owner of a large Health and Beauty Spa, I have seen many skin care products and used several on our clients. After trying the matrix spray first on myself, then on clients I noticed considerable improvements to the skin. When adding the Matrix Serum and Matrix cleanser, the results were even more impressive. Noticeably the skin was softer, clearer, more refined, and never had that dry tight feeling. For the first time my Face looked and felt truly healthy. The skin appeared glowing, hydrated and translucent and fresh, just like after a facial. I have not seen these results with any other products that I have previously used in my Beauty Spa.I received many complementary comments from clients and I am happy to have finally found a product that is natural, rejuvenating, and effective in turning back the aging effects of the environment,pollution, sun etc. My skin is looking younger and better all the time and I would not go back to any commercial skin care products.I compliment the Company for producing such an excellent product.
All the best
Jenny Leeb
Derma Vitale Ltd & Nirvana Spa.
Auckland, New Zealand

July 29,2004
To anyone looking for a skin product with wonderful results:

I tried the Skin Matrix about a month ago. Let me tell you about the day I tried it.

I was working the front counter at a local gym and had a nice man approach me. Dr. Nick Skouras was the man with a friendly smile and a warm hello. He let me know about this product he had created and wondered if I would like to try it. According to Dr. Skouras, I would get better looking skin than I had before. "Sure!" I said. I am the kind of person to try anything if the reason is good enough. That night I tried the Skin Matrix spray and boy was I thrilled! My first reaction was to the smell. It smelled like a tropical flower in bloom. About a minute or two later it began to dry. I looked into the mirror. "WOW!" Immediately I saw a difference in the color tone as well as the texture of my facial skin. It was evenly colored and had tightened my skin to where my pores were barely noticeable. It was quite unbelievable.

I continued to use the product (spray) and continued to see results. Honestly, I couldn't wait to use it again. It was refreshing, the smell was great, and I wanted to see my skin after every use. It was nice to see such drastic recovery of the skin in such a short time. About two or three weeks later the "Skin Dr." introduced me to the Skin Matrix Facial Cleanser. What a TREAT! I'll tell you what: if you try the spray and like it, wait 'til you try the face wash! Gentle yet yields results. It's divine! Again, the smell is intoxicating, the results wonderful. Truthfully, I was the kind of girl that didn't wash her face regularly. I'll admit that much. Now, I look forward to it. I think it's because I look forward to the results I get every time! Thank you Doc!
Sincerely devoted,
Julie A. Barnes
Seattle, Washington

SKIN-MATRIX testimonial from Angela Melini

Dear Nickolaos,
At this time I would like to say "Thank You", and would also like sharing my personal experience with you on your wonderful developments. Until I reached my late 20s, I always had great-looking skin, in which I took for granted. Loving the outdoors, while being a sun worshiper most of my life, now into my early thirties, I than began to notice my skin looking dry, dull lined, and lacking the general vibrancy that it once displayed. I have used all kinds of professional Dermatological, and SPA creams, cleansers and serums, but they all really didn't make much difference. They generally displayed a feeling of covering things up, a "cosmetic" effect that did nothing to improve the sun damaged effects that I was now suffering from. For the first time in my life the feeling that I was getting older became very evident, as I fell into despair.
One of my male model friends, than introduced me to your Skin Matrix products. It was Amazing, from the first time that I sprayed the fine mist on my face, I could see and feel an immediate difference. The rejuvenating effects were remarkable, it was as if my skin came back to life by being fed the nutrients it needed. Within minutes my skin began to tighten, while the end result was a kind of a health, and radiant glow?

Within the first month of using your SKIN-MATRIX three to four times daily, I' have noticed quite the dramatics results. The puffiness, dark circles, and the fine lines around my eyes have all now diminished. Everyone tells me that my skin now displays the younger look that it once had, it also feels smoother and looks more radiant
A very important point that I now need to make is the fact that I take your Coenzyme-A product daily internally, and I further love using your Skin Matrix Cleanser. It is the finest cleanser that I have ever used, and after reading the material that you have posted on your web site regarding the importance of the PH. in skin products, I now fully understand how the mechanisms in which the SKIN-MATRIX Cleanser work in order to fully refine the appearance of my pores. I also love the fact that your whole program is so quick and easy, and further eliminates the costly and time consuming regiments that other skin-lines have to offer.
I cannot begin to show you my appreciation for your wonderful developments.
Angela Melini
Los Angeles, California

I am a 52 year old man of Irish descent with very fair skin who grew up in a semiarid desert area of the United States. Because of my long term exposure to sunlight I had developed many broken capillaries on my face. The worst scenario is when I eventually further developed pre-cancerous cells ( squamous cell carcinoma )on my forehead, nose, and forearm. I soon underwent a professional medical examination from Dr. A. Ragaz at the Institute of Dermatological Diseases in downtown Seattle Washington. My options were limited and it seemed that the least invasive treatment would be (cryosurgery) or to freeze them off my face and forearm. Having successfully removed the lesions from my nose, and forearm first, I was to return in a few weeks after fully recovering in order to proceed with the removal of the remaining two lesions on my face and forehead. Fortune has it that during that time I was also introduced to the SKIN MATRIX products. Two weeks after I started using the Skin Matrix products I began to see positive changes on the pre-cancerous lesions when eventually they totally disappeared. I was delighted that I would not have to undergo the painful procedure of surgery once again. Upon continuous use after a few months the broken veins, and capillaries were also gone and so were my wrinkles on my forehead! No one could have convinced me that these physical results were possible with out the use of dual laser treatments, and further by a complete dermabrasion therapy. A year later, I followed up with another exam at Dr. Ragaz's office where she found my skin perfectly healthy. I am absolutely amazed, and could not be more pleased with these products, and I am also determined to share my experience with others, as I now continue to enjoy my vibrantly healthy, and younger looking skin.
Pat McCormick

Skin Matrix Spray and Skin Matrix Essence (serum) are like nothing else I have ever seen either in their anti-ageing effectiveness or their speed of action. Their development took place over a period of almost three years during which Nickolaos D. Skouras Ph.D focused on natural ways of re-establishing homeostasis in the human body as well as specifically in the skin - its largest organ. He went right to the core of the four processes of ageing - oxidation, glycation, methylation and inflammation and approached them from an evolutionary point of view, still working with Coenzyme-A internally, but also with same extraordinary sugars - especially the pentoses, He used these first because they, like the primordial power of CoA are cellular communicators capable of enlivening skin metabolism and spurring repair. They also carry a high level of energy and a negative charge so that they become part of a highly active transport system, carrying metabolites and substrates through the positively charged stratum corneum for high impact on skin. His skin matrix also encompasses active forms of specific vitamins which carry an ability to protect the skin from the damaging effects of radiation as well as nucleotides - components of DNA and sulfahydral compounds along with negatively charged metabolic enzymes for enhancing methylation and bringing energy to the skin.
The result is a spray that you use only twice a day on clean skin. It prevents the formation of AGEs, protects from oxidation damage, calms inflammation and supplies more regenerative power than any product I have ever seen and is all you need in terms of skin treatment. You can then apply a moisturizer on top if you like or just leave it as it is. The product is so pure you could literally drink it if you wanted to. Everyone I have interviewed who has used it so far claims they would never want to be without it. So potent are its skin enhancing properties that you notice a real improvement in texture, firmness and diminishment of fine lines within a day or two. The longer you use it the better it gets.
Leslie Kenton

"Until I reached my late 30s, I always took great-looking skin for granted. Then I began to notice my skin looking dull, lined and old. I tried all kinds of commercial creams and serums, but either they made no difference or they had only a fleeting "cosmetic" effect. I had the sinking feeling I’d have to resolve myself to older-looking skin for the rest of my life.

Then a friend introduced me to Skin MatrixTM. Amazingly, even the first time I sprayed it on I could see and feel a difference. It was as if my skin came back to life by being fed the nutrients it needed. The result was a kind of ‘sun-kissed glow.

Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed that the lines around my eyes have diminished and my skin is no longer prone to eruptions and bumps. It feels smoother and looks more radiant--and I’m not the only one to notice! I love using Skin Matrix CleanserTM , which seems to refine the appearance of my pores. The whole program is so quick and easy. Now I can take great-looking skin for granted again!"

My daughter Joani, who is an employee of Coenzyme-A Technologies, suggested that I try a sample of such company’s Skin MatrixTM. This is a prototype product that is still in the development stage (not yet commercially available). "Skin Matrix" is designed to provide natural ways for human skin to recover from damages inflicted on the human body by the process of aging and harmful environmental exposures.

Each morning and evening for the last three months I have been applying Skin MatrixTM to my face and the bald area at the front of my scalp. Overall, to date, I am very pleased with the results. The first application to my face and scalp was very refreshing and soothing. My scalp also experienced a pleasant, penetrating feeling. I was forewarned that for the first few days, my skin, in the areas of application, would have a flushed reddish appearance (such as sun exposure can cause). This did happen; however, there was no physical discomfort and no long lasting effect.

After about two weeks, the skin wrinkles on my forehead were less noticeable and shallower when I frowned. The folds of skin between my upper eyelids and eye brows were shrinking and the skin was becoming firmer. The same thing was happening to the skin between my lower eyelids and cheekbones. Overall, the skin of my face and scalp began showing less of the effects of aging and harmful environmental exposure. During the three months that I have used Skin MatrixTM there has been a continuous trend towards a more youthful appearance as my skin becomes healthier.

After using Skin MatrixTM for two months, I knew that applying Skin MatrixTM to the bald area of my scalp had generated the growth of some stubble (very short, soft hair). However, this stubble didn’t seem to be maturing into healthy hair. At that time I was given a sample of Skin Matrix ShampooTM to use. This is another Coenzyme-A Technologies prototype product that is still in the development stage. Skin Matrix ShampooTMis designed to clean and condition the hair, cleanse the scalp and stimulate bald skin to regenerate the growth of healthy hair.

After a trial of one month, it’s too early to determine how successful the combined use of these two prototype products will be in stimulating my bald skin to regenerate the growth of healthy hair. My being 77 years old may retard such hair restoration. However, I am somewhat encouraged because the above mentioned stubble seems to be less short and have more texture.

After the first use of Skin Matrix ShampooTM , my scalp felt cleansed; however my hair had a coated slightly waxy feel to it. I believe that this was a residue from the shampoo I had previously been using. There has been no reoccurrence of this coated condition following my subsequent use of Skin Matrix ShampooTM. It’s been a joy to use this shampoo; I like the way it: (1) cleanses and refreshes my scalp and (2) cleans and conditions my hair. If it also regenerates the growth of healthy hair in the bald area of my scalp, that will be a welcome bonus! At my age, I am not certain what hair restoration results to expect.

I’ve noticed an additional benefit. Since I started using this shampoo, the buildup of soap scum in my shower has stopped; in fact, it has actually decreased!

I am aware of the quality and effectiveness of Coenzyme-A Technologies’ commercially available products. I have used two of their nutraceutical products on a daily basis for several years and have read testimonials and texts favoring the use of their products. I’m grateful to my daughter for introducing me to these two prototype skin matrix products and to N. D. Skouras for developing them. I plan to continue using them and believe they would be well accepted and appreciated by others who tried them.

Walter L. Richter
Issaquah, Washington

March 3, 2004
Dear Mr. Skouras,
My name is Kevin King, I am a top notch professional trainer, a Northwest champion bodybuilder and also a top ranked contender in the ultimate fighting games. At this time I would like to thank you for developing the SKIN MATRIX product which has enabled me to make tremendous strides since using this product. What I mean is that my skin went from beat up, tired looking and badly weathered, to vibrant, glowing and full of life. Some people have said that my look is very sheik and Hollywoodish, not to mention that now I look so many years younger, that they can never guess my age. In fact when they try, they are always off by at least 10 years. My future plans are to be competing in the upcoming Emerald cup Body Building Championships. This will be in the Masters division, and also the Open Super Heavyweight Class. I will then be moving on to the Junior National Body Building Championships that will be held in Chicago Illinois, and from there finishing up with the USA. National Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada for my pro card... Thanks to you and your Coenzyme-A Technologies Inc., labs for giving me the edge by developing such wonderful natural products.
Kevin King
Seattle , WA.

I began using Clear Skin ImageTM 3 days ago and already my skin is looking a lot better. I am taking 3 caps 3 times a day and I think in another week, my skin will be completely clear. At that point, I will drop down to 2 caps 3 times a day for maintenance. The only adverse effects I’ve noticed is an occasional niacin flush, which lasts less than 5 minutes. Also... gas with abnormally frequent intestinal evacuations with more or less fluid stools. This becomes more frequent when I eat fatty or greasy foods and may be due in part to the extra water I am now consuming(11-8oz. cups per day). Regardless of these inconveniences, I am amazed at the effectiveness of your product to treat acne. Besides acne, any scabs or sores I had have healed as well.

I am also using the Skin MatrixTM spray mist. It's a fine mist, very light in weight and scent. I use it in the morning and evening after washing my face. Within a few minutes I can feel it working on my face. My skin feels softer.

My eyelids feel soft like baby skin. I just can’t get over the results!
Thank you,
Joseph Paul

I am currently 53 years old. I started having serious acne problems when I was 13 or 14. My mother took me to several dermatologists. I remember sunlamps and creams and who knows what, but nothing improved the situation. I just lived with it for years. It was a significant detriment to my social life and my self-esteem. I believe that it was a factor in some recurrent depression that I went through in my teens and twenties.

The actual acne had run its course by my mid to late twenties, but I was left with the scarring that continued to be a negative in my life and in my self-concept. In my middle thirties, I had a face lift. That helped. In my late forties, I had laser peeling. That helped, too. I don’t regret doing them, but they were both painful and had month-long recovery times. And there are still scars remaining.

So far I am finding the Skin MatrixTM very easy and pleasant to use. I like the way my skin feels in the process. If the Matrix product can repair the scarring without the painful surgery and recovery process, that would be fabulous!! I am looking forward to seeing the long range results.


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